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RPG Maker MV Games - now works in Luxtorpeda

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  • RPG Maker MV Games - now works in Luxtorpeda

    I noticed when trying out the Camp Sunshine game that games created using RPG Maker MV (and perhaps other versions as well) are simply bundled with a Windows build of NW.js (new name for node-webkit) and if one just replace that with the native Linux version of NW.js the game worked flawless (earlier I made it work with Proton after some hassles but performance was quite bad in the world map, but with native NW.js the game flies).

    So I created a ticket at Luxtorpeda and they have as of v47 added NW.js as an engine.

    What is needed now of course is to identify as many RPG Maker MV (and perhaps test other versions of RPG Maker as well) and test them with Luxtorpeda and if they work add their appid so that Luxtorpeda can list them as working with this engine.

    There is a user on ticket called "ToughGuyKunio" that are assembling a list of games so if any of you happen to have some of these games, please try out with v47 of Luxtorpeda and if that makes the game work then tell that user there about it!