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Lutris 0.5.9 Released With Support For The Epic Games Store, New Options

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    Originally posted by perpetually high View Post
    What they did was actually genius. Saved the money they were going to spend on marketing, and gave away free games instead. Should be heralded by everyone, yet is not.
    those games are not free to them and they are losing a lot of money. i despise concept of exclusives, don't negotiate with terrorists and ignore their stores. i have several hundreds of games in steam, much more than i'll have time to play


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      Originally posted by ridge View Post
      Holy shirtballs, way to derail off the main course from this feast, Epic is mentioned once and there's no stopping you people 😂
      I'd like to see some of these Epic haters hold other stores in the same light, especially Steam.
      why we should hold linux exclusiveless steam in the same light as windows exclusiveonly epicfail?


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        So relieving to see fellow Linux maximalists in action. Fighting even with free games from Epic. I have over 100 games on epic, never bought one from them. I don't hate Epic for that. But some maxis hate Epic for me instead. Thanks guys.


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          Originally posted by Alexmitter View Post

          Nothing is for free, you just have not yet realized what price you paid.
          Damn, there should be a Free Stuff Watch website.