On the eve of the release of SteamDeck (which uses the Linux kernel as a support of its operating system SteamOS 3.0, which the device runs on), thanks to Valve's efforts, BattlEye announced their anti-cheat will support Proton, and a couple of days ago, Easy Anti-Cheat also made a similar statement, by announcing their support of Linux and Proton. This are great news, but unfortunately, there are those who have been forgotten and no one wants to acknowledge them.

There are platforms for professional competitions in multiplayer games (such as FACEIT and ESEA), and undoubtedly they also use anti-cheat, but they have nothing to do with them except for the users of these platforms themselves, and accordingly, only we can do something.

What are our goals?

Full support for GNU / Linux anti-cheat platforms FACEIT and ESEA. Users of other systems should have the right to use the product for which they are willing to pay.

What can I do ?

Simply sign the petition by following this link
If you are dying to help or want to know more, please visit our Discord channel

I enjoy FACEIT and ESEA services on systems that are already supported. Why do I need this?

The development of a project you have interest on, even in ways you're not interested in, always has its advantages. This is especially good if you are independent of your equipment/hardware.
Exploring the world of other operating systems can bring some nice improvements to your gaming experience, such as:
  • Improved system performance
  • Reduced input-lag
  • Reduced mouse acceleration (which can be disabled on all platforms

We believe that further development of the GNU/Linux community will continue, and we really hope that FACEIT and ESEA can help us in this matter.