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Epic Games Announces Easy Anti-Cheat For Linux - Including Wine/Proton

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    Originally posted by Ironmask View Post
    The only anti-cheat is server-side sanity checking, everything else is just a minor annoyance. Client-side anti-cheat is purely just for marketing to make companies feel better.
    you can't check on server whether client has invisible walls and autoaim. the only real anticheat is "play with your friends", as one smart guy said
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      Pardon the reorder.
      Originally posted by tuxayo View Post
      Or subtle shooting assistance like recoil compensation?

      The reality here is the open source game Xonotic already deals with this problem server side. As recoil compensation results in player movements that are not human. Lot of controller cheats be they a zen device or software mod can be detected this way.

      Originally posted by tuxayo View Post
      How does this address the issue of wallhacks or radars in FPSs?
      Or revealing the map and removing fog in RTSs?
      Both of these can be handled server side by two different methods both found in different open source games.
      1) What use is a wallhacks/fog in RTS removal if your client does not know what behind the fog or wall anyhow.
      2) Players responding to information they should not know. With wallhacks/radar this will be a player tracking a player in movement before they should be able to see them. Same with fog of war removal the player has more information than they should.

      Option one is kind of the simplest don't tell the client information they should not know like what on the other side of the wall/fog they should not be able to see through.
      Option two is still very effective.

      Please note option one can be introduce a position lag factor for information to client on the players current position that is out of view yes this can make having a wall hack or fog of wall see though feature enabled coming reason why player is are losing instead of winning.

      Player responding to information they should not know also is a detection method to stream snipping as well. Yes you don't need to have the stream to prove someone is stream snipping either its the behaving using information they should not know gives away steam snipping/player online stalking as well. Remember player watching another person stream can be seeing way more than what a wallhack/radar will show at times because it can be showing them information outside the information their client should know completely. Of course client side anti-cheat cannot detect some of these behaviours at all because the client does not have the information to.

      Server side need to have a complete overview in most cases and its this information that can be used to detect a lot of cheating and lots of possible illegal actions.(stream snipping in a lot of places is technically illegal stalking and some places has been prosecuted in a court of law)


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        Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
        Final Boss: BattlEye.
        presumably it's in the works, since valve intends whole steam catalog to be available on steam deck


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          Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
          And suddenly overnight, we should see more than half of the non-working games in protondb move to working status. This is a pretty big deal.
          as i understand article, games have to adopt it, i.e. update to new version. it will affect future games, but some old games may stay old. maybe proton will autopatch them


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            Originally posted by AmericanLocomotive View Post
            I believe there are performance implications of doing that - both server and client side.
            yes. also client can hear and you need solution to hide sound sources


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              Originally posted by pal666 View Post
              you can't check on server whether client has invisible walls and autoaim
              This is false.

              snapaim detection in Xonotic does detect autoaim server side.

              The method Xonotic uses is not new and its not the most advance version of it. Yes 2007 here detect walkhack users by monitoring player behaviour of the input data on the server. Yes the most advanced versions of proper server side cheating detection is patented in 2028.

              This is way simpler than this 2019 method of use deep learning to process player screen captures that the player may have faked. Yes this is working around a patent.

              Yes you really can check if a player is using autoaim or invisible walls server side. Even better this is generic detection for autoaim and invisible walls as it does not matter the method the client software or machine is modified to allow cheating because proper server side detections are looking for behavour based on player inputs to the server and player location not what is on the screen. Yes this does make server side anti cheat simpler because you are processing way less data using the 2007 method than the 2019 methods that avoid the patent.

              There is a problem of course the server side anti-cheat that are patented would catch most cheaters in under 1 min this is too short of time for the cheater to bother buying a new copy of the game. Its profitable for games not to use the best server side anti-cheat solution.


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                Originally posted by oiaohm View Post
                snapaim detection in Xonotic does detect autoaim server side.
                you can't detect who was aiming, you can only pretend you did


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                  Originally posted by ezst036 View Post

                  I can't think of many instances where Sweeney was personally wronged by Linux. Now, Apple/(MacOS) is a whole other issue. That whole mess might give Sweeney some slight favoritism to Linux over anything Apple.

                  Besides, the calls and questions and requests for Linux compatibility by users are only going to keep increasing over whatever exists today. So why not?
                  A) Sweeney despises what he can't bully. B) The dust up between Epic and Apple is 90% Epic self inflicted. See point A. That was a matter of contract law and Epic was the principle violator. C) Sweeney can't bully Linux. The community as a whole will give him the Torvalds Salute but, he can at least theoretically bully Valve and apparently has. Otherwise they'd figure out something other than privacy violating, intrusive client side anti-cheats. D) They definitely can bully their masochistic customers, who apparently like throwing Epic their money regardless what evils the company and their PRC partners do.


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                    Originally posted by Ironmask View Post
                    The only anti-cheat is server-side sanity checking, everything else is just a minor annoyance. Client-side anti-cheat is purely just for marketing to make companies feel better.
                    It does weed out some cheaters. Something to remember is sometimes they do ban wave methods which is a big list of soon to be banned players helped generated by EAC like meta collection. Unfortunately cheaters cause allot of damage in between these time periods and also can spoof hw and use stuff like ESP to skirt AC measures for quite some time!
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                      Originally posted by pal666 View Post
                      yes. also client can hear and you need solution to hide sound sources
                      No you don't.
             you can use a "Jeffress-like computation" to calculate out the best possible human brain calculation to a sound source. If a person is being regularly more exact than than the Jeffress maths says they should be they are cheating because it past what any human can do.

                      pal666 the reality is a real human has true physical and mental processing limits and it does not matter how skilled of a gamer a person is particular ones of these limits cannot be overcome by training. Interesting enough you game cheaters commonly demo super human behavour as in controlling their computer inputs in response to output of the system exceeding what a human can do. Yes having the ability to see through walls causes a player to move the player differently to a player who cannot see through walls. A player with a aim assist moves different to a player without a aim assist by quite a large margin.

                      Server side anti-cheat looking for super humans sees most cheaters getting less than 1 min of game play before being banned/kicked because if the like it or not makes their actions non human.

                      So making a ban system that looks for super human behavour is surprisingly effective. Yes this is not looking for a person using X cheat this is just looking for a player moving in a non human way.