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  • csgo htop cpu usage


    I discovered a strange cpu usage with csgo.

    I have ryzen 5800x 8c16t.
    Csgo use mainly 5-6 threads only, nothing anormal.

    (because game missing too much hit when many core/thread are enabled, i have no idea on windows how is work)
    I tested the game with only 3 core with smt off and sadly is better.

    1- bios core/smt stock, in debian i just disabled smt and all core except core 0,1,2
    2- bios enabled core "three" and smt disabled, overclocked at 4.9ghz
    3- bios enabled core "three" and smt disabled, underclocked at 3.6ghz (or something like this very minimal).

    In all case my cpu usage was about 68% and 73% in "htop" monitor.
    Betwen 3.6ghz and 4.9ghz i have 650 fps and 750 fps, but cpu usage was almost same something like 68% and 73%.

    I am missing something ?
    Are the cpu limited by the system ?