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Steam On Linux Still Tap Dancing Around 0.9% Marketshare

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    Originally posted by theriddick View Post
    Microsoft is constantly introducing interesting flagship techs like AutoHDR and that harddrive boost thingo in win11, while with win10 they offered dx12. The cost is they put it behind a paywall of buying a new OS and upgrading, its pretty cheeky and annoying. I hope Linux can get similar features down the line, without the paywall and telemetry!
    Sony playstation is doing the same with BSD..


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      If we had SteamOS brought out with the current game support we have now I think Linux adoption would have been more significant. The main thing missing right now is anti-cheat support. With that we will probably be able to support a 99% of titles.

      I'm more than happy with the state of gaming on Linux. Yes, I would prefer more games support Vulkan. But I remember the time before proton, dxvk and good open source AMD GPU drivers. Things are pretty damn awesome these days and getting better every year.


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        Originally posted by jaxa View Post
        Maybe Windows 11 will drive a few more people to Linux.
        Pahahah, good joke. People are saying this at every new Windows release since VISTA!

        The fact is, only a very minority of computer users care about free software, open standards, privacy and so on. The rest simply wants it to work. And currently Windows does a better job at that, even though it is not even the better OS.

        In my opinion the biggest problem of Linux is a missing standardized way to install end user software. Currently you can't just download a program, click next next next, and have it installed, but that is exactly what Linux needs! Flatpak could be the answer, but I'm not sure.

        Tbh, if nothing changes in the Linux world, my guess is that the trend will reverse, unless Microsoft fucks up big time. Linux has been stagnating for too long now. Unfortunately!


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          It is a mandatory business strategy to pursue... As is for Windows running Linux and Android software... It really is not about current domestic market share configuration and for sure is not about GNU/Linux and probably not even Linux directly, virtualization/containerization use can only grow and platform barriers can only disappear. Unless proactive actions are taken to stop this, from software to service strategies, to weird virtualization and hardware juridic clauses... It will be just a question of time to the death of domestic plataformed computing era.


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            Originally posted by phoronix View Post
            Phoronix: Steam On Linux Still Tap Dancing Around 0.9% Marketshare

            Even with Steam Play continuing to get into quite good shape for running recent Windows game releases on Linux with ease thanks to the work Valve has been investing into Proton, DXVK, VKD3D-Proton, and lower-level Linux graphics infrastructure, for now at least the overall marketshare is holding steady at around 0.8~0.9% for the past number of months...

            Linux actually reached 2.2% marketshare of English users on Steam, which is the first time Linux marketshare has exceeded 2% of English Steam users:

            As per Bayes Theorem, 0.89% * 87.03%/ 35.72% = ~2.2%: