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OpenDiablo2 is available for Linux

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  • OpenDiablo2 is available for Linux


    I would like to inform you about this amazing project:

    "OpenDiablo2 is an ARPG game engine in the same vein of the 2000's games, and supports playing Diablo 2."

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    I'm interested, if only to be able to play Diablo 2 properly on modern systems without having to give money to Blizzard for their "remasters". Will this support features like HD resolutions and other graphical enhancements? Will multiplayer be fully supported?


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      I just found this project a few days ago on Github, but below are the answers from Reddit:

      We are not going to support connecting to blizzard's servers as that's a box I do NOT want to open. Having said that, there IS a baked in client/server architecture, whereas single player games basically use memory pipes instead of tcp/ip, but everything else pretty much works the same. Technically all we need is a multiplayer lobby screen and a few more things and multiplayer work work out of the box. So yes, multiplayer will very much be a thing. Ladder and other persistent server type stuff is not currently planned out, but that does not mean it cannot happen in the future.

      Phase one we are matching the framerate and resolution of the original game. The concession is we added in hardware cursor support. I have a 4k monitor so we also support hw cursor scaling. I can't stand 25fps cursor movement. Eventually I'm going to add dynamic scaling and borderless fullscreen. Longer term I want to add non 4:3 resolution support but I may do that as a built in plugin as eventually people may want to add things like twitch integration or dual monitor support, and I'd like to make sure the engine has the proper infrastructure to support plugins modifying the various rendering subsystems.