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Steam On Linux In February Still Residing Below 1%

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    Originally posted by Qaridarium
    all this bullshit "traded security for application compatibility" will in the end hit them very hard.
    I would not say it bullshit. The issue with doing a stable ABI for application compatibility is you have to trade away security. This is reality. We need to go in eyes wide open on the problem. Flatpak working on strong and strong sandbox around applications using stable ABIs is going in eyes wide open to the problem.

    Windows and Mac OS did not start off with the objective of being secure when they design their stable ABI solutions and it shows because there is no included mitigation against the security risks stable ABI brings.

    This is very much there is no such thing as a free lunch.

    Secure ABI/API horrible equals old applications failing to work as you remove defects this is the price you pay for. In every example of a stable ABI for application there are known security flaws this is the reality.

    Yes windows anti-virus software having signatures looking for known security flaws in applications and if found anti-virus software calling the program malware is another form of attempted mitigation. Yes some of those things people call anti-virus false positives under windows are not really false positives. Some are truly positive here you have a security defect I will now choose to ignore it and call it a false positive because I wish to use the application without caring that I am totally insecure.

    Stable ABI/API of Windows and Mac OS is a repeated myth. Those OS really don't provide a single stable ABI instead its many stable ABIs. Really when you look at what Windows and Mac OS really do a different question appears if you are trying to copy windows. Why can I not have both the runtime of Fedora and the runtime of Ubuntu on my system in use at the same time? Why cannot I really have the multi runtimes like Mac OS and Windows provides? Notice this is very different request to please give us a single stable ABI. Yes asking for a single stable ABI is asking for mythical creature that under close inspection does not exist.