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UT3 Linux Still Undergoing Work, No ETA

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  • UT3 Linux Still Undergoing Work, No ETA

    Phoronix: UT3 Linux Still Undergoing Work, No ETA

    Unreal Tournament 3 was released back on the 17th of November in 2007. Nearly a year and a half later, we still have no UT3 Linux client -- nor do we know the reason(s) behind this massive delay...

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    I guess when the price for the game is as low as for Prey you can play UT3 with Linux Prey was really cheap and worked perfectly with Linux.


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      If it (UT3) has been released 1 year ago or earlier, it could be referred to as "the shit!" in the Linux gaming community.

      But now? Too late, too little.

      No intention to buy it at all even if it's out. Sorry epic. After this, my attitude towards you has already turned from neutral to hostile. I would advise all my friends to move away from you.
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        Very cool news, I thought UT3 for Linux was abandoned, it's never too late, I'm waiting .


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          If the game had merely been delayed by 16 months then it probably wouldn't seem so bad. I guess there's just bitterness over the Windows version taking priority. But that's inevitable, isn't it?

          I've always trusted Ryan's judgement. If he's not giving some bullshit reason then maybe it really did prove to be harder than they thought. On the other hand, maybe he's not allowed to say what the real cause of the delay was. Some news of the progress was long overdue in any case.

          Personally, I'm not too bothered. I tend to lag behind the gaming world by a few years anyway mainly due to lack of time but also because you get to play these games at their best quality without spending so much money! I like to finish the games I already have too. I finished Half-Life 1 last week.


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            Epic fail.

            Unfortunately for them, I do not have any intention to buy this game anymore. Not that I don't care about Linux gaming, but this is just madness.


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              What are you complaining about? Sure, the release date is far beyond the one for windows, but you can buy the game for about 10€.


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                It's stupid not to buy this if you are a linuxgame supporter. If there is no sale in the linux part, they might drop linux for good.
                Sure its not funny with the way overdue releasedate, but see it on the bright side. Now we get a lot of finished mods as a bonus :P


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                  I'd be happy to buy every Linux game that uses the UT3 engine that isn't UT3 (and I think that's still a valuable reason for them to continue development), but I'm not interested in UT3 itself at this point.


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                    That looks very fishy.
                    1 year and a half to port an engine which had its previous version running on GNU/Linux.
                    I would like to have a look at what's really been done... and even I'm dying to see the code in order to really assess if that delay is not a pack of bullsh**s.
                    There are only 2 reasons I can think of:
                    - the port is delayed on purpose
                    - the code is pure sh**