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Steam On Linux Ticks Lower For October 2020

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    Originally posted by Mez' View Post
    Anything more interesting than flatpaks? And I mean any thing.
    Valve is going to do there own really long term runtimes as part of pressure vessel. Runtimes with longer support cycles than current flatpak runtimes


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      Originally posted by alex79 View Post
      For the first time in 2 years I had to use Windows and logged in to steam and guess what? Steam survey poped up. It never pops in Linux, in the 10 years of use or so. Something's not right.
      On Linux you are probably on autologin. Only if you login manual you can get the survey.


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        Does it matter at this point? We pretty much have everything we need and a lot of motivation to continue it. Just be happy the number is fairly stable.


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          Hadn't even noticed there are now more gamers with 6 cores than 2 cores, well at least on non-mac crap.


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            Originally posted by Sethox View Post

            Nah I wanna be in the minority, it's the perfect match. We solve our own problems and with time things become better than native (if enough interest and will; if there is a will there is a way). I don't want Linux to be a commercial goldmine because more problems will emerge (the only thing I am thinking of is more general viruses and malware) and then we really NEED to create virtual machines just to go browse on the web.
            RHEL is the most tested, trusted, reliable and bug-free distro. Your commercialization view of Linux absolutely doesn't match reality.


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              Originally posted by ed31337 View Post
              Unfortunately, the price of high speed wired cable Internet access keeps marching upwards in my area. Some people are paying upwards of $100/mo now, plus complaining every other day when it completely falls flat on it's face from being overloaded by all the work from home, remote learning, and unemployed 4K streaming NetFlix people all avoiding COVID-19. It's totally ridiculous.

              I cut the cord and just exist off 4G cell phone data tethering, with a 3GB/mo data cap. It sucks, but at least it doesn't break the budget and it always works.

              Combine that with migrating all my computer work to a Raspberry Pi 4, and well, sorry Steam, but your massive online multi-gigabyte 3D video games just don't fit into my life right now.

              If there was a source of entertaining offline, compact algorithmic games that didn't demand huge downloads and 3D graphics capabilities beyond my RPi4, I'd be all over that.
              Wow. You can get an unlimited data connection averaging at 80 Mbps down (up to 100 depending on FTTC/FTTH), 20 Mbps up, for ~30 € a month in Italy. Some ISPs also offer mobile plans for ~5 € more, with unlimited data in 4G, or at least 50 GB. That's ~40 USD a month for unlimited data via cable and practically unlimited data via 4G.

              I'm surprised people aren't migrating away from the US en masse.

              You essentially have close to no access to information (3 GB can easily be consumed on a bunch of videos alone) and are depriving yourself of a medium that is increasingly culturally relevant (I consider some videogames to be as important as classic literature for individual growth). You have my solidarity.


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                Originally posted by Nille View Post

                On Linux you are probably on autologin. Only if you login manual you can get the survey.
                For some on Linux if you put tinfoil on your head, jump up and down for 10 minutes while wearing round glasses and pouring water onto a sandwich. Once you master that, it will pop up.

                I just got it the other day.


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                  I had to abandon Linux for gaming for now. I installed Ubuntu 20.10 and every time I resume the machine it displays garbage (because the GPU RAM is purged during sleep and the driver doesn't save it). Of course it is the Nvidia driver to blame but nonetheless, this is worse than it has been before. On top of that, gaming on Linux with Nvidia on Wayland seems hopeless (no Xwayland GLX acceleration on Nvidia). Hoping for much better results once I have my hands AMD 6800XT. Really glad AMD seems to have a great alternative to Nvidia now. On another note, I have had multiple steam surveys both on Linux and Windows so it is definitely counted.


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                    Still no AMD encoding on remote play in 2020, stick to Windows.


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                      Originally posted by zexelon View Post
                      To be honest, I think Microsft stands the best chance at bringing Linux to the desktop at this rate... and will potentially include DirectX support with it!! But only when building on top of Windows!

                      Its painful, the incredible openness and diversity in Linux has lead to it being used in so many unique ways... but at the same time with basically anarchy as its guiding principle it will continue to languish in the main stream.
                      Yeah the best way for Linux to succeed is to deploy windows. Sure. it is MS loves Linux (Picture of B. Gates smiling and making the heart gesture as if he was a Japanese girl)

                      Linux chaosity is doing just fine it might not produce the most immediate results but what it produces is free for us to hack and adapt, MS? no thanks. Do you want to use Windows? Be my guest, leave us alone.