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Request: Beta Testers for Caster on Linux

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    Originally posted by Svartalf View Post
    I'm currently planning on using mojosetup (Sorry, gang- logistics on trying to support all the differing packaging systems is going to be EVIL...), which while it makes it a non-participant in your packaging systems, it is one of the nicer compromise plays in that space. Moreover, the game's not big at all- it can comfortably be re-installed on multiple accounts without any appreciable pain involved.
    Will there be a way to extract the files out? If that's the case, I'd probably like to write an ebuild that'll put it into /opt/caster (binary-only directory), and all other files appropriately (locale, save games, kde menu icon, etc). Probably work on it after the beta's closed.


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      Good luck getting that into portage... they are "bitches" when it comes to support such projects ( GenToo is good but their boards contains too many "elitists" <.=.< )


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        Which is why I don't post to the boards.
        I'm usually on IRC when I get a really heavy question (like upgrading to GCC 4.3).