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Battle for Wesnoth - Release Candidate for 1.6

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  • Battle for Wesnoth - Release Candidate for 1.6

    Hi everybody!
    I just wanted to tell you that I just announced the first release candidate for Wesnoth 1.6. The version is called 1.5.12, but it is already rather close to a new stable version. We manage to get the number of known bug to an all time deep (okay, at least to a minimum for the last 4 years)and in general the game should by now already be more stable than the (really soon old) 1.4.x line.

    To read more details about this specific release, have a look at the 1.5.12-1.6rc1 release announcement. There you will also find download links for the source code (hey, we are GPL!!!).

    Sorry if anyone of you sees this as spam, but I am excited that we are finally this close to 1.6, it was not looking this good two month ago... I hope you will enjoy this release as much as I do.

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    I always lose with that game, would need cheats


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      Ingame just type :debug (':' will open an input line and debug is obvious, isn't it). This way you can eg spawn units and other cheats. Though this is of course only possible in singleplayer gameplay and might have "really bad" consequences if you eg place a created unit on top of a campaign critical one.

      Beside this: consider your moves before storming the enemies keep and you will have a fair chance for victory!