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The Failed OUYA Game Console Seeing Work For Mainline Linux Kernel Support

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    Originally posted by pgwipeout View Post
    A debug bootloader would certainly help, but we already have the keys to the kingdom so secure boot isn't an issue.
    I'm talking more along the lines of replacing the efi firmware with u-boot.
    The reason being is the efi firmware is running in the background with hardware access.
    Linux tegra device drivers interact directly with the hardware.
    So if efi and linux both try to access hardware at the same time the hardware will crash.
    Thanks for explanation!

    Originally posted by pgwipeout View Post
    I just looked at the fcc teardown of the Asus TF600t and notice it appears to have pads for a jtag port.
    So there might be hope for that device.
    I wish you best! If you succeed, hopefully it could help with bringing up other WinRT-based devices.


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      Steam Link on OUYA would be pretty cool; no idea if that exists already.