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Valve's Steam July 2020 Numbers Point To A Small Dip For Linux

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    Originally posted by PackRat View Post

    Welcome to Linux! Linux sucks so bad that by the time you master it you will be making your own disto and a new desktop environment that suits you.
    LOL, I've been teased before that I'm not really "using" Linux if I'm not compiling programs.

    It'd be a ton of fun to create something, but right now that's not likely to happen any time soon.

    Originally posted by PackRat View Post
    ...You are worried about Linux getting more viruses because it's becoming popular? Linux could save people lives with game engine tech. Autonomous vehicle's are being used with game engine's and Linux. Imagine a driver at high speeds on a highway that has a medical conditon like a heat attack with a regular car they crash and kill more people. Now with an autonomous vehicle it will detect that the vehicles is uncontrolled and will use an autopilot mode.

    Gaming is important it inspires people's imaginations and makes them want to be creative. A PC gamer will start to tinker with files and change things, they will mod the game just like how Linux users tinker and make lot's of desktops. How many games do people need? How many desktops do people need?

    Viruses... ? Let's just shut down progress and innovation because of fear, right? Fear is a great teacher but a terrible master.

    Fortune favours the bold. PC Gamers and Linux users in essence are very similar. People get bored they move on to new things but they will tinker with the new toy's and Linux must be that new toy.
    You're right, and Linux has made huge strides across multiple markets and will continue to do so (after all, it got me, didn't it? ). It just needs a little more love -- especially from the hardware vendors. But I find Linux already has an intrinsic charm to it that is great. The fact that it's this usable and yet so few people use it is mindboggling to me.