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The Beautiful + Linux-Friendly Unigine 2.12 Engine Released

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  • The Beautiful + Linux-Friendly Unigine 2.12 Engine Released

    Phoronix: The Beautiful + Linux-Friendly Unigine 2.12 Engine Released

    The Unigine Engine appears to be having great success in the engineering and simulation space more so than for the competitive game engine space, but in any case Unigine 2.12 is now out with this visually stunning engine delivering even more life-like visuals while continuing to be Linux-friendly...

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    The heavy equipment looks spectacular, the dust and rocks it moves and the trees in the background look decent. But:

    a.) I probably have my expectations set too high because of some of the cutting edge demos I've watched recently, especially the Unreal Playstation 5 video.
    b.) They didn't specify what GPU was used to render the scene.
    c.) Some of the other screenshots at look competitive with the best in the industry.


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      Could somebody ask them to add android with gles2 for community edition?


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        It appears that Unigine still value quality over performance at least relative to engines like UnrealEngine/Unity3D/Godot/CryEngine/Ogre3D. I would continue to target non-gaming industry with their current IP. Still no update on this? This year, next year, in 5 years, never?

        The past 2 years Unreal Engine has been dominating in terms of quality+scale/performance. First Quixel megascans and "smart materials". Now games like Satisfactory (unreleased) that are taking games to a new level in terms of scale and still running smooth on mid-tier hardware. I spent about 100 hours testing it and it blew my mind. There are no 3D engines that can even compete with Unreal on this scale*. Unity is still very easy to learn hence very popular. Unreal isn't anywhere close of becoming a monopoly yet, but it would be good to see some competition in this area. For now I'm keeping my eye on Kerbal Space Program 2, but I'm not holding my breath. I'll wait until I can test it myself.

        *At least not engines that are available to the public.