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In 2020 The Linux Kernel Is Still Seeing Driver Work For The Macintosh II

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    Everyone be like: let's remove support for running on 1991 i386s.
    No one: let's remove support for macII.
    I smell a bit of hypocrisy in the kernel world. Then again, the x86 maintainers have had to deal with their backwards-comaptible code on a daily basis, while the m68k maintainers probably have nothing to do these days :-D


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      Originally posted by lumks View Post

      If only Userspace wouldnt kill itself every 3 years
      I agree on this though....

      app: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


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        Originally posted by strtj View Post

        Absolutely not. But you can get ADB to USB adapters.
        If I was to search really hard, I have a tube of chips somewhere to do just that... must donate them to a museum or something ;-)


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          Now if they could fix the SMC and EFI kernel errors with Linux running on a 2018 Mac mini, that would be grand!


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            ... and don't mind waiting a week or more for the kernel to compile. It took several hours for the kernel to compile even in the 1.x era on a 486. I'd hate to see how long it would take a 5.x kernel to compile on a Mac II 68k machine.