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Half-Life: Alyx Update Adds Native Linux Support, Vulkan Rendering

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    I find most of the people that really complain about VR, have never actually tried it. Or maybe used one of the original Oculus DK1 headsets back in 2013 that really weren't so great. I never cared much for VR, but I did care a lot about the Half-Life series. HL:Alyx being VR exclusive is what finally pushed me over the edge, and I picked up a Valve Index.

    I can say that the Valve Index is an absolutely incredible piece of hardware, and the current 2020 VR experience is amazing. It's never going to replace conventional non-VR games, but it's definitely not a gimmick either.

    Originally posted by btho View Post
    any chance this game will be playable without VR?
    There are people who hacked it to play with out VR, but I don't think the game would be a good experience without VR. It's not like most games where they have a "VR Mode" to just sorta increase immersion. It's built from the ground-up to be a VR game, and a lot of the mechanics and overall experience of the game really require VR. In "2D" mode, I think it'd be a pretty miserable shooter that doesn't play well.

    Originally posted by numacross View Post
    I would think it would mess your eyesight, keeping a screen so close to your eyes for hours.
    The lenses in the VR headsets are designed so that your eyes focus actually focus far away. If I don't wear my glasses inside my Index headset, the image is blurry as if I were looking at something 10-15 feet away. I don't need glasses to use my phone or computer, so there's definitely some magic going on with those lenses.