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Valve's Half-Life: Alyx Released - Linux Build Still Coming

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    Originally posted by ThisImmortalCoil View Post
    - CS:GO's Panorama and Danger Zone game mode that can be counted as a separate game by itself? Day one.
    mostly. stable updates to multiplayer games do tend to release all at the same time, but Panorama was available for Windows in beta before it was an option for Linux.
    and Danger Zone shipped with a persistent graphical bug that gave Linux players an advantage for months
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      minor artifacts, nothing game breaking at all tho


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        Originally posted by SyXbiT View Post
        Valve does care about Linux, and all regular (non-VR) games release on Linux day one. VR is a special case, and Linux isn't quite there yet.
        Imagine if Half Life: Alyx was released as a one-week exclusive for SteamOS before being released for Windows. That's how you promote a platform.

        If VR on SteamOS is not there yet, then they could have made it there yet for this huge launch. Wasted opportunity.

        I know that SteamOS is not all Linuxes, but it's an excellent intervention by Valve, a reference target for game developers that puts fire under the feet of distribution managers. If a game works on SteamOS then distros are on the hook to make it work for them, too.