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Half-Life: Alyx Releasing In March 2020 With Linux Support

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    Originally posted by ernstp View Post

    They've just started investing _more_ in projects like DXVK, Mesa ACO compiler, SteamVR for Linux is getting constant updates, Fossilize and secure compile, etc etc so that's not the impression I'm getting.
    I'm really happy for that too! I just can't figure out what their end game is. They completely flopped the Steam console thing (I even forgot what they called them). The Linux user % is fluctuating around 1%, in other words mostly insignificant.

    I suspect they lose much more on Epic and Origin than Windows store so again, why bother with Linux? I can't figure it out.


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      Originally posted by randomsalad View Post

      That's not what was said at all. What they did say, quite literally was: ""Right now we can only confirm windows for this product".
      Pay attention to the word "confirm". What is or what isn't happening on other platforms is officially unconfirmed, so noone knows, but "there will be no support at all" is a gross misrepresentation of their statement.

      Though given the state of VR on different platforms, it makes perfect sense for this to, sadly, be Windows-only for now, since last I checked, VR on linux simply isn't ready yet. And that is probably the main culprit stopping a multiplatform release from being reality.
      For one, you're missing the point. Even IF it was as simple as that, my point would still stand, and that's that it is INSANELY misleading for Phoronix, an apparently reputable reporting outlet, to claim linux support IN THE HEADLINE to the article, and then mention NOWHERE in the article that they have absolutely zero real confirmation of this, they just heard from somewhere that it'll be coming eventually. That's outrageously misleading.

      Second, That's basically what I said. They said that there is no official linux support confirmed AS OF RIGHT NOW, which is what I said. I personally think that Valve probably will add linux support at some point, maybe even before launch, but that doesn't mean that this article and it's headline aren't an absolute insulting mess.


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        Dude. News sites will often say "trusted sources" or "contacts inside _____ company"

        Pull yourself together. Even if they don't release it on Linux, Michael's job is to tell us what people are doing/saying. If they speak to him about a breaking story, whether it's "official" or not, he's going to report on it.


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          I think the SteamBox and Linux compatibility are insurance. Microsoft has made it clear they have aspirations to wall off their desktop OS behind an app store unless you have a Pro or Enterprise SKU. Apple I'm sure has the same aspirations.. Valve has said they do not want to revenue share with these closed environments. Actively encouraging Linux, wine, and Vulkan supportgives them, and the industry options if Microsoft and Apple go that route.


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            Originally posted by profoundWHALE View Post
            Portal 2 used the same engine and is roughly the same game, as "Portal"

            This game is a new engine, with new interface, and new game concept.
            No... It's not a new engine. Source 2 has been used in DoTA 2 since 2015 and it was engine they used in their ill fated card game Artifact that they released last year.


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              No surprise concerning Linux support for that game, right now I am only seeing that its VR only....Bleghhth! I am pretty VR ruins your eyes much quicker than a standard monitor.
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                I wonder if this is a proper game or another tech demo. And I'm glad that this is not HL3 or Episode 3. Valve HQ would have been on fire by now...


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                  Originally posted by birdie View Post
                  Is Valve secretly in love with Russia? The clip is full of references to the USSR/Russia.
                  • 0:30 wall painting, a traffic sign
                  • 0:38 ИНТЕНД armlet
                  • 0:43 Volga car, a registration plate, elektrichka, probably a board with a Russian text on top of the nearest building
                  • 0:52 RIGA SZ-912 СБЕГИ, REALITY DEFINED - what? 😃 There's never been such a car
                  City 17 was in non-disclosed Eastern-European slavic country. There were some inscriptions in Russian as well as Bulgarian (makes sense, since Viktor Antonov is from Bulgaria). Also, "City 17" name itself parallels the way some cities near classified objects were names in the USSR.