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    Originally posted by kpedersen View Post

    This is very true. Open-source seems a little too volatile to really produce a polished desktop. The technology changes too fast and too sporadically without working together for perfect interoperability.

    Just small subtle things like missing icons in the default install, default display brightness in login screen not being restored or remembering which audio output to use per user often work for a few revisions but are then broken during the next. And when they do work, something else is a little broken.

    That said, compared to Windows 7, I find Windows 10 to have a few more breakages, especially around screen layout or using less consumer tools (gpedit.msc, services.msc, etc). Often there are resize issues causing the components to cut off around the edges. So perhaps it isn't just open-source that is dropping the ball here.
    I think it's simpler than that. open source devs don't debug and bugfix enough. They just keep tacking on more features. Most of these developers are either working in understaffed teams, working for free, or working in an envirnoment where they lack any real supervision to dictate what they do so they're free to develop things as they please, as long as they keep developing it.

    And the problem is, adding more features is fun, debugging is not. When you're given the option to do the fun, cool work, or the boring and lame work, and nobody's ordering you around to do the latter, you will probably always choose the former.