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Mumble 1.3 VoIP/Chat Program Released With ~3,000 Changes

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    Originally posted by WaxyMouthfeel View Post
    Yes, let's have a two page micturition derby about Discord's financial model on a Mumble article! This is precisely why I try very hard to avoid threads here and don't participate.
    Welcome to Phoronix.


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      Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
      The problem is... how do we get people to know and use that alternative, and especially stay there?
      I found out about discord via word of mouth. It's easy to set up and run. It has a "friend" system with global accounts. Makes it really useable


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        Originally posted by monraaf
        1. Where are the 3000 updates coming from?
        developers and contributors over the 1 year and a half

        Have they never been released at all?
        Yes, any project needing newer features and bug fixes has compiled from source.

        2. Why so much discussion about the confidentiality of information, if you can just change the service provider.
        Sorry what the fuck? How in the name of Stallman you can trust any service provider to not leak, in the 21st century.

        Any half-assed voip and messaging application is protected by end-to-end encryption so you can use whatever provider you want.

        I have been using the services of HotTelecom
        That's not what Mumble is doing. Mumble is a Watsapp/Skype/Wechat/whatever replacement, both users must use a client that supports the protocol and connect to a server over the internet.

        You are doing SIP, and obviously you can't have end-to-end encryption because landline phone is ancient technology and does not support it.

        with good protection of customer data.
        How the fuck do you evaluate that, did you run audits on their facilities? Do you know how and where the data is stored, what procedures are in place to avoid data breaches and what (if any) share of information to third parties is in effect?
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