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Steam Linux Usage Reportedly Ticks Up To 0.8% For August

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    Originally posted by arQon View Post
    Fallout 4 sold *12 million* copies on day one alone... in 2015. And it's still rated *Garbage* on WINE, 4 years later.
    It's because the game needs DXVK and doesn't run with Wine alone. But the game runs really well a long time ago:


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      All that really needs to happen is some marketing (probably by Valve) to state that games run faster on Proton than Windows.
      And in some cases, because a large proportion of Proton (due to Wine) functionality is still stubs, it will run faster. So Valve could even back it up with some "selective" evidence.

      Basically, gamers will use whatever they are told to use by the "coolest company". Valve holds a lot of power here and it is growing. If it wasn't for the fact that Valve is sh*tting on all of us via their DRM prison, I would have a lot of support for them. As it stands, I am still hoping that they can remove Windows from the equation and then fsck off.
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        It would be nice if we could finally break the 1% threshold, which I don't think is impossible by any stretch of the imagination when the Windows 7 EoL date is a few months away and it still has a 30% OS market share. The fact that Windows 10 only just reached 50% despite the occasionally heavy handed and scummy tactics Microsoft has used should indicate that there's going to be a good amount of opportunities to "convert" people to Linux come January 14th.

        Proton isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I was genuinely impressed by how well it ran a good chunk of my games right at launch and how it's only getting better as time goes on. Hell, as buggy as Bethesda's titles are on their native platforms I was impressed by how the only real issue I had when I tried playing Fallout 4 with mods was an occasional mouse issue caused by how they've implemented mouse input in a really idiosyncratic way for that game. Then again I did play Fallout: New Vegas in Wine back in 2015 and the only issue it had was an audio issue with background music occasionally bugging out (thou that could have been the game itself due to how rushed it's development was).
        "Why should I want to make anything up? Life's bad enough as it is without wanting to invent any more of it."


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          I think the rise in AMD Market share is more impressive. Over 2% on Linux and around 1% on Windows.


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            Originally posted by dungeon
            Nah, these numbers does not represent any nor AMD market share
            Of course not overall (like the GNU/Linux Market share ), but its still impressive. And at its best its just another source for determine better numbers.


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              Originally posted by Almindor View Post
              It solves the terribad linux "shared object of hell" and other protocol incompatibilities (I'm looking at you invalid dbus message), but it breaks on its own.
              When Wine breaks something, it's not intentional like with the "shared object of hell" you mentioned, so there is a difference. The Windows API ecosystem is huge and full of quirks and Wine just doesn't have enough manpower, on top of the fact the maintainers are quite stubborn.


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                Originally posted by dungeon

                If you are not game developer these are just funny numbers, nothing else

                No one will target 300Hz monitors, but it is cool to have it so you can say gaming consoles and Stadia do just 30 or 60 fps and here on PC there is difference, man here we could fly free not a rule but quite possibly so why not

                At least fortunately for the fun of course, we could continue to use buzzword 'unfortunately' xyz
                And it's like "what's the point?" once those monitors get so fast. Insanely fast refresh rate or greater than 1600x900 resolution? Pick one because hardware doesn't allow for both with modern games. We're lucky to get greater than 4k60 on the best of hardware and 200hz might be possible at 1080p on that same setup.

                That aside, freesync 20-300Hz monitors would be nice to have. We'd never have to pick between tearing or framerate limiting again.


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                  Originally posted by arQon View Post
                  The problem with WINE / Proton / etc, which too many people constantly refuse to acknowledge, is that it's simply not good enough to have even MOST of your games work in it. People being able to switch to it is an all or nothing deal, and when WINE's track record for AAA titles with sales in the tens of millions is as poor as it is, that's just not going to happen.
                  I've had great luck with Proton. With desktop compositing turned off on KDE, Elite Dangerous runs at >144 FPS, something I would've guessed was impossible with an emulator's overhead for a relatively new and demanding game. With CrossOver or Lutris, Blizzard games run. Mass Effect games on Origin run.

                  But, yep, there's always that edge case. Battlefields don't run. Generally, multiplayer games (with their byzantine anti-cheat software) are hard to run on Linux, natively or otherwise. And even dealing Proton/Wine/etc. is something the average user doesn't want to deal with. Even the non-average user's in a shitty spot here -- I want to run games I already like in Wine or Proton. If there's a NEW game I want to try? Why would I potentially waste money on it if I don't have a guarantee that it works in Wine or Proton? I guess I'll wait A FEW YEARS.

                  But Linux is already perfect, what more do we want??? DD


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                    Originally posted by josh_walrath View Post

                    But, yep, there's always that edge case. Battlefields don't run.
                    While I haven't bought one since 4, it runs on Linux with multiplayer just fine. Actually, its more like it did play well a year and a half ago the last time I played it.


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                      Originally posted by dungeon

                      There is not point, other than breaking some records probably

                      This man fingers seems flying faster than hummingbird i couldn't see them and i guess that is the only point, as no one could listen nor recognise notes anymore
                      I made the mistake of following a "Flight of the Bumblebee" who can play the fastest YouTube playlist once. While impressive, it's like people who speed run Mario 3 -- I feel like they should have moved on to another hobby 12 years ago.