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Wine 4.12.1 Released To Fix Broken 64-Bit Support

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    Originally posted by timofonic View Post

    Where do you store your PKGBUILD files? Do you have a GitHub account? Is your own custom Wine in a public place?
    No, I don't create package build files. I've moved around to so many Linux distros over the decades that I've learned to keep everything generic. They wouldn't help much for users of Arch or their derivatives anyway because Arch is setup to only run one version of Wine at a time, so you need something like my Wine Manager to use them. Of course most people use something like PlayOnLinux anyway, which I found to be an ugly behemoth. Thus all the years of work on my own system.

    For example, when I want to create a bottle for something here's the simple command I execute:

    winemgr create -ver /opt/wine-staging-4.11 -submenu Games -b

    This creates a bottle named "" in the Wine Manager bottle directory with a submenu of "Games" using wine staging 4.11

    To make the bottle visible in the menu I execute the following command:

    winemgr xdg -op on -b

    After this the bottles programs appear under Wine->Programs->Games. So if I install Steam in the bottle it appears as Wine->Programs->Games->Steam. To remove it from the menu I execute the above command with "-op off" instead of "-op on"

    If I want to change the bottles wine version, submenu, etc. I execute the "change" command. For example, to change the above bottle to use wine 4.9 with a submenu of "Mommy" I would execute the following command:

    winemgr change -ver /opt/wine-staging-4.9 -submenu Mommy -b

    Wine Manager also supports nested submenus. So to have the bottle appear in "Games->Something Deeper" I would execute:

    winemgr change -submenu "Games:Something Deeper" -b

    It's all very simple, clean, and versatile. Which is the only way I will voluntarily do anything. I have a deep distaste for clumsiness and inefficiency.

    Generically compiling is fairly simple as well, though it's not yet integrated into Wine Manager so the steps must be executed by hand. For example, following is the full sequence for compiling wine staging 4.12.1. Note that I also compile a custom version of wineasio for each wine version but to keep things simpler it's not included here:


    cd ~/working/wine
    mkdir $PKG_DIR

    cd ~/working/wine/git/wine
    git pull
    git checkout tags/wine-$WINE_CVER
    GIT_WORK_TREE=$PKG_DIR git checkout -f

    cd ~/working/wine/git/wine-staging
    git pull
    git checkout tags/v$WINE_CVER
    GIT_WORK_TREE=$PKG_DIR git checkout -f

    cd $PKG_DIR
    "$PKG_DIR"/patches/ DESTDIR="$(pwd)" --all

    export CFLAGS="${CFLAGS/-fno-plt/}"
    export LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS/,-z,now/}"
    sed 's|OpenCL/opencl.h|CL/opencl.h|g' -i configure*

    cd ~/working/wine
    mkdir $WINE_PREF_CVER-build64
    cd $WINE_PREF_CVER-build64

    "$PKG_DIR"/configure --prefix=/opt/$WINE_PREF_CVER --libdir=/opt/$WINE_PREF_CVER/lib --with-x --with-gstreamer --enable-win64
    make -j6

    cd ~/working/wine
    export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/lib32/pkgconfig"
    mkdir $WINE_PREF_CVER-build32
    cd $WINE_PREF_CVER-build32

    "$PKG_DIR"/configure --prefix=/opt/$WINE_PREF_CVER --with-x --with-gstreamer --libdir=/opt/$WINE_PREF_CVER/lib32 --with-wine64=../$WINE_PREF_CVER-build64
    make -j6

    cd ~/working/wine/$WINE_PREF_CVER-build32
    sudo make install
    cd ~/working/wine/$WINE_PREF_CVER-build64
    sudo make install
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