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America's Army 3.0 "May Return" To Linux

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    Originally posted by MamiyaOtaru View Post
    War sucking is not a reason not to have an army. Countries that haven't been in a war in centuries have an army. Just in case. So how do you get people in it? Do you force them to serve, or ask (with propaganda or whatever)? Asking people to serve, in case, is not the same as being pro war or saying war is neato. It's just something that happens once in a while and you'd better not be defenseless if it comes your way.

    And I'll always hold that asking for people to volunteer to be ready for such a contingency is superior to forcing people to do it, and it doesn't bother me.
    You have no idea where I come from:

    militia type army: serving is a must for men ( unless you know how to cheat your way out of it... I didn't... I stood my man )

    So don't brush me the wrong way about what is propaganda as I can compare propaganda with forced service. At last in our country you know exactly what you get into but making misguided propaganda to acclaim innocent ( and naive ) citizens is a moral crime, period!