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The Latest Linux Kernel Appears To Be Causing Connectivity Issues For Steam

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    Linus popped in to suggest a patch, and it seems to have fixed things for me.

    So, y'know, my day just got more interesting.


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      Originally posted by phoronix View Post
      Phoronix: The Latest Linux Kernel Appears To Be Causing Connectivity Issues For Steam

      If you are planning to enjoy some Linux gaming this week via Steam, you may want to think twice about upgrading to the latest Linux kernel Git code or even the newest stable point releases...
      Please update - see comment #21 - fix is ACCEPTED - Applied and queued up for -stable.


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        Originally posted by AsuMagic View Post

        The legend says that if you repeat "kernel breaking userspace" three times, Linus will appear and scream at you.
        well, i only had to say it once and Linus did appear.


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          This issue don't appear to be fixed.
          Atleast with dota, the menu UI delay makes the game nearly unplayable.
          There are 10+ second delays for each step in trying to get a bot match going. It loads at 1fps, but once the game actually starts the fps jumps up over 100fps and is as normal (before these kernel patches).
          Is this just dota specific ? I'm not noticing problems with anything else(I don't play many other steam games).

          5.2.0-rc5 upto 5.2.6 have the issue
          I forget if it was rc3 or rc4 that introduced the patches, then there was the "fix"

          5.1.11 has no issues
          5.1.14+ has issues

          EDIT: I was wrong, apparently there was a permissions issue.
          disregard this post.
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