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Why you should support Mac OS X and Linux

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  • Why you should support Mac OS X and Linux

    Recently I read about an interesting blog entry on Wolfire Games regarding Mac OS X and Linux sales.

    I guess not everyone reads or so I'll share it here.

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    Yeah I saw this, I love Wolfire Games, and pretty much all indie developers. They get the idea. What I'm kinda hoping is that alot of the big game developers like EA and such back out of PC Gaming. Why you ask? Well, I think the future of pc gaming could very well be indie developers. And that would be very healthy for the computer gaming community as a whole.

    Instead of countless rehashes of games and the same ol song and dance for the sake of marketing and lack of innovation from alot of game development companies nowdays, we'd be getting fresh games. While not everything in most indie games is completely original, they do however, feel fresh.

    Personally I think for Linux to grab a good chunk of the market share there, its going to take just that. Either that or these big companies decide to support us, which for me I'm not as optimistic about that as alot of people are about that. I mean most of this stuff we hope for is only rumor (Steam on Linux/UT3/vaporware,etc) , and I realize that we cannot depend on them. However, we have for the most part won over many indie developers. I believe the main focus for Linux gaming of the future should focus on getting as many of these indie developers on our side as we can, instead of trying to beg these companies like EA and such to have a Linux port.

    Of course most of what I said was just a matter of opinion.