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Poor performance with Dirt Rally

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  • Poor performance with Dirt Rally


    I'm having some performance problems that I can't explain and hope someone here can throw some light at.

    I have an AMD FX-8350 with a Nvidia GTX 1060-8GB. Dirt Rally runs pretty slow, 30-50fps, at ultra settings although I've seen videos running at more than 100fps with same setup and settings. If I set the shaders setting in the game to the lowest setting it jumps to around 100fps.

    I've overclocked the CPU to 4.5GHz and it's perfectly stable. Nvidia drivers are the latest from Nvidia.

    I've been monitoring with psensor while playing and the CPU is at 45-50% load and ~45ºC. GPU is at around 40-50% load and 55-60ºC. Why can't I get more frames then?

    I've tried disabling Turbo Boost and also disabling half the cores. Same FPS.

    It happened with drivers 38X and happens also with the latest 418.xx. Although fps have improved a bit.

    I've asked before at other websites and someone always says it's the CPU but it doesn't clarify anything, just another one that likes to bash it.

    It's the shaders that slow it down so much. The shaders run in the GPU and it's only nearly half used.

    I'm thinking on upgrading but I'd like to first understand where's the bottleneck to better plan my upgrade.