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Google Stadia's E3 Event Reveals New Details For This Linux+Vulkan Gaming Service

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    ... unfortunately, country with the highest production of cars per capita in the world isn't on the list of 14 countries where Stadia will launch.
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      If Google can just get the players who play just 1 game every year or less. This is fine, even good, and is maybe only slightly below median when compared to the median gamer. Gaming is more of a luxury in terms of time than movies/music, you don't care as much about time spent on movies or music in the way you might if you start spending more than a few hours/weekend on a game if you have a family. The pricing structure isn't too bad for this once they have 1080p for free (plus cost of game) next year. If they want to start going after the more frequent/casual gamer, then mods, backups, latency, and a potential subscription model start to become more important, and if they want to go after the indies, they'll need to release a public SDK with tools.

      Does such a market exist and is it big enough? We're about to find out, but I think yes. Mobile gaming has affected gaming in mostly a bad way, maybe streaming will have a slightly better effect. The AAA games they're starting with isn't all too bad a start.

      Edit: To be clear, I think this is a new market, that nobody really addresses right now, not consoles, or other games stores with as much convenience as one click streaming.
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