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DXVK Developer Working On New "AGS" Experiment For Possible Performance Benefit

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    Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
    However, you don't seem to be aware that for DX12 and Vulkan, the game itself can actually be capable/responsible for explicitly directing rendering on whatever GPUs are available. I presume this is due to the help of things such as AGS, because otherwise the game might have a hard time figuring out which GPU should do what when using something like AFR.
    I am fully aware of that. Vulkan and D3D12 don't need AGS for multi-gpu to work, they support that natively, in Vulkan's case through the aforementioned device groups.

    AFR is a dead horse at this point, it's inherently shit for games with temporal effects (i.e. every modern game ever) and you can't really fix the frame pacing issues either. SFR is where it's at with the new APIs, even though it might not scale as well in terms of raw FPS numbers.


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      I thought I'd make an update. Doitsujin updated dxvk-ags to support 5.0.x, compiled that, and it works with Hitman 2. Miami benchmark-wise, I didn't have a change in FPS. I did notice that the double transparent light oddity in Hawke's Bay didn't happen with AGS and, anecdotally, it did feel more fluid when moving the camera fast.

      Thanks, Doitsujin.