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DiRT 4 Now Available For Linux, Racing Game Powered By Vulkan

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    Great to see more work from Feral, I'll definitely pick this up next time it goes on sale. I know this probably isn't up to Feral, but I would have been willing to buy this full price if we didn't have to wait until the game was two years old.


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      Originally posted by JeansenVaars View Post
      i have a wireless xbox controller and a logitech g27 wheel. none of these work on Linux right?
      The wireless USB adapter does not work. The controller itself, will work when connected with a USB cable. But, the XBox One S controller, with Bluetooth, does work without cables, in a modern distro.


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        Which wireless XBox controller are you talking about ? XBox One ? Xbox 360 ? I can telle you I have a wireless 360 controller and it works out of the box on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04), and it has been for a while this way.


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          So they have to create a Vulkan renderer for Linux and a Metal one for Mac OSX? Apple not allowing Vulkan really creates additional work for people.


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            I grabbed this tonight, it works very well for me with current amdgpu and mesa and friends. Though I guess saying that might depend on what GPU you have... I have an older card, R9 380 (MSI brand), so I'm golden.

            Feral does good ports. I don't even really like the DiRT games that much, I just enjoy a few free races once in a while. I bought it just because I knew it would be well done. I also like seeing Vulkan in action, it amazes me what I can get out of my hardware when that is used well.

            What I'm really waiting for is their Shadow of the Tomb Raider port. I truly want to play that game for more than half an hour. (I've done a bit of it on a friend's PS4)

            P.S. I have an old, original XBox 360 controller, from back when those consoles used USB ports and long cords. You couldn't pry it from my stiff, dead, fingers. It is no trouble, just xpad and LED kernel modules.
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              Originally posted by baryluk View Post
              Some extra features, like force feedback, lights, etc, require special drivers or extensions.
              The Logitech Wheels have been supported by the kernel for some time now, via the HID-Logitech driver:

              Supported means:
              Constant Force, strength and direction.
              LED control
              Ability to set range of turn (limits)
              Ability to switch modes (to emulate other Logitech Wheels)
              Split/Combine Accelerator/Brake pedal

              There are some advanced functions of the wheels which are not supported, but the driver should be sufficient to give believable FF response (providing a game supports ForceFeedback).


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                Originally posted by JeansenVaars View Post
                i have a wireless xbox controller and a logitech g27 wheel. none of these work on Linux right?
                Not only does the logitech one work, Fereal Interactive even gives you some udev magic for it:
                # Logitech G27 Driving Force Racing Wheel
                SUBSYSTEMS=="hid", KERNELS=="0003:046D:C29B.????", DRIVERS=="logitech", RUN+="/bin/sh -c 'chmod 666 %S%p/../../../range; chmod 777 %S%p/../../../leds/ %S%p/../../../leds/*; chmod 666 %S%p/../../../leds/*/brightness'"
                The udev rule is at steamapps/common/DiRT\ 4/share/udev/99-logitech-wheel-perms.rules - I think if you symlink it to /etc/udev/rules.d/ the game will be able to access things like LEDs and stuff but I don't own such a wheel, so I can't confirm.