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GNU's RPG/Adventure Game Updated For SDL2, Defaults To OpenGL Rendering

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    Originally posted by Luke_Wolf View Post
    Meanwhile your HTML5 FreeDink must stream the game data from the server via Ajax, even if it's being cached locally for later reuse during your session
    FreeDink is primarily a desktop program. But if you choose to use the *optional* Emscripten build (which would be weird when a desktop program runs faster natively), you are very welcome to run it locally on your machine. So not only is optionally AJAX for the .data file connected to a socket to localhost (again, not streamed, just downloaded) but you can avoid that entirely if you run it outside of a web server and enable local file access on i.e firefox. Or embed files into the assembly and not a separate data file via the --preload* facilities.

    As for DRM, now unless you run a Steam DRM server emulator, you will never be able to run the Steam server locally on your machine. How backwards is that? FreeDink is obviously more modern here (and much less full of bullsh*t ).

    Originally posted by Luke_Wolf View Post
    wrapper around a WebAssembly program. Sure it's processing locally but from an architectural standpoint the HTML5 is having the render streamed to it's canvas element and thus not local from the web stack's perspective.
    Thats not at all how webassembly works. It is local bytecode running in the browser itself. Not at all streamed in any way. It is simply a more efficient alternative to asm.js which is also not in any way streamed. I think you might be thinking about a VNC client implemented in WebAssembly? Then yes, the vnc server would be an example of streaming. FreeDink does not do this.

    Examples of streaming would be OnLive (dead), Shadow (, VNC, NX, (RDP and X11 are intelligent streaming systems).
    Examples of strict draconian DRM would be Steam, Origin et al.

    FreeDink - Running a game in a web browser from a server running on localhost is neither.
    FreeDink - Running a native compiled executable on your PC is also not an example of streaming or DRM.

    If you are trying to suggest that additive loading from a filesystem is streaming... then no, that is additive loading
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