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1080p Linux Gaming Performance - NVIDIA 415.22 vs. Mesa 19.0-devel RADV/RadeonSI

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    Originally posted by dungeon View Post

    So how one could reproduce that stuttering using Torchlight 2? Do you just move around and is stutter or how?

    I tried it now and i only i see that HW skinning is broken on Mesa, that is indeed a bug but that was since i remember
    Usually happens when I'm hitting mobs, but even walking around it does happen. It's also totally random, which makes it even more annoying since I can't reproduce it doing the same steps. It also varies game to game, Dungeons 3 for example gets better after I play it for 5-10m. Albion gets 300+ fps and ocasionally drops to 220 and stutters very briefly, and if turn vsync on the same thing happens, drops briefly from 60 to 54 and stutter.


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      Well, i played T2 a bit now and only what stuttered here is that video at beginning but when you use plain wine with GL translator, does not happen under nined wine or in linux native T2.

      And yeah that HW skinning feature does not work on mesa drivers in all variants (only breaks graphics), was working on FGLRX - so that is maybe something for marek & friends

      No idea, could be say HDD related even when it tries to load something, some assets like sound or whatever, so interrupts are slow and you see that as stutter. There is no random related stutter, something must cause it really.
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        Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post
        It's actually nice to know that we really only need midrange gear for decent HD gaming and gone are the days of needing ridiculously expensive gear to play games at 1080p/60. I can't wait for FreeSync support to take advantage of all the extra frames.

        Seems like we really only need Vega XX and 1070+ for ultra-wide 1080p and 16:9 1440p; with the 1080/ti being useful for up to 21:9 1440p gaming.

        4K...IMHO, just too hard to justify for maybe 60fps even though one has the most expensive stuff on the market.
        What? You must be young. A decade ago you could game 1080p/60fps maxed settings for AAA games with a 200 euro/dollar gpu. These days you need at least double that. GPUs are still ridiculously expensive. Things will only get better once AMD and Intel release gaming APUs that can replace the sub 200 dGPU market.


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          Originally posted by clapbr View Post
          Overall terrible results for everything, sad to have gone with rx580 instead of the 1060/1070. Oh and fuck the open drivers, theyre still crap even when comparing with nvidias blob, except for maybe slightly less bugs on desktop (specially kde). At least with my gtx960 I could use 75hz without resorting to ugly workarounds like locking mclk. It also ran at fewer fps but it didnt have mysterious stutters everywhere. Some games run at high fps's but the constant stutters even with LOTS of available resources (6 cores, 10-15% cpu usage, 30-50% gpu usage, 12gb of free RAM) makes me really annoyed. And I'm talking about native games, not wine.
          Nice Anti-AMD FUD, i doubt you have ever bought an AMD product in your life. Also if you "fuck the open drivers", then why are you on Linux? Use Windows. AMD has far superior Windows driver to Nvidia, try them.


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            Originally posted by clapbr View Post

            Not going anywhere, and no Windows partition atm.
            This is the last time I'll ever acknowledge your dumb existence, and I am not the only one who does that Seriously, every post i've ever read from you is useless, annoying and just plain dumb. Go home.
            Well, keep it civil, while debianxfce, does tout his "superior" gaming debian edition, his version does actually work. Tried it and found it to be a better gaming experience than using ubuntu or plain debian testing even when semi tweaking the kernel myself.

            i tried the one of my machines which i assume is the closest to your setup, a R5 2600x with Rx480 4 gb. Civ 6, I get some stutter in the beginning, but not i goes away after a 1 min off gaming on the debian testing.

            It's always nice to create a video to explain your problem. And if you formulate your questions right, people in here will try to help you. If found both non-amd people and AMD people very forth coming in this forum.

            Kind regards


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              Stutters are normal if shader cache related, but once cached to disk it should fine.

              Well, for daily changing drivers versions users i am not sure - maybe users should delete it for time to time, some shit could happen there

              People are often not aware of other bugs unrelated to GPU drivers, reminds users of recent EXT4 issues, i even have sound card issue hda-intel, it kind missbehave without power_save off recently and loads with high pitched sound by default for some reason

              Yes, your HDD might introduce stutter, even your sound chip/card, sound also eats some resources, etc...

              debianxfce is wrong as he is, as he claim one solution for everbody by ignoring everything else If AMD is doing dkms amdgpu rolling driver, so just that driver to use on normal released kernels i could recommend that too, but building RC kernels and to use that all the time is entirely wrong for everybody
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                It is kind of funny to read these forums time to time. Everytime I read an article with a benchmark that actually looks good for the AMD drivers, there is someone in the forums screaming about this is not true and there is SO MUCH stuttering! It is almost like Nvidia is paying some trolls to come in to spread FUD and trash AMD and OSS drivers.

                This is simply not true. I have been running the R9 Fury for a couple of years now, playing many games on Antergos (Cinnamon DE) and I do not have any noticible stuttering in any games (List: CS GO, TA: Warhammer 1, DOW3, Cities Skylines etc).


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                  I too use R9 Fury for gaming, on CentOS 7 (needed for work) with custom built kernel and mesa (latest stable releases) and repackaged Wine from Valve/Proton repository ( I played tons of games, native and windows games via wine, and I had no visible stuttering.

                  For those who also have to use CentOS 7 for work and wants to have good DE, I also built KDE Plasma 5.12 LTS it's available on COPR:


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                    Originally posted by TemplarGR View Post

                    What? You must be young. A decade ago you could game 1080p/60fps maxed settings for AAA games with a 200 euro/dollar gpu. These days you need at least double that. GPUs are still ridiculously expensive. Things will only get better once AMD and Intel release gaming APUs that can replace the sub 200 dGPU market.
                    Say... what? You can buy a RX 580 8 GB for 160 € now if you're lucky but for sure for less than 200 €. A RX 590 is less than 250 € somtimes. Do you think this is expensive? Yes, if 7 nm kicks in with twice the performance for 250 € that's expensive - but right now it's a good deal.


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                      Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
                      You are absolutely right.
                      I am not claiming to absolutely right, your solution is good for somebody - not for everybody

                      I am not an absolutist, quite the opposite. I think that you are absolute troll, baby troll, who found link on the internet

                      Mainline kernels do have a partially implemented amdgpu driver, compare the diff column at to the AMD wip kernel:
                      That is for testers and for these who have nothing else working or have a showstoper bug with released kernels, so might tried it temporarely or so. Certainly it is not for you to copy/paste it all the time, all days along and like that for years

                      Tell me how much users of that you gained after all this years of trolling, none, zero, zilch... and these who wanna do some testing they know what to do, so please shut up
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