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The Radeon RX Vega Performance With AMDGPU DRM-Next 4.21 vs. NVIDIA Linux Gaming

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    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

    Misrendering and cheating in rendering are the same thing. Your long essays are like from a nvidia bible, nvidia is your god, do not have any other gods. Sell your nvidia stuff to wintel religious people and buy AMD hardware. Then you do not have to kill X when updating your GPU driver and no patching for new kernels. Rolling back is easy with Grub. Most of all, you are much happier with AMD hardware and no need for long essays.
    If misrendering is cheating, then everyone cheats because every graphics driver will misrender something. Getting everything right is close to impossible. Why don’t you ask AMD’s graphics team if they consider misrendering to be cheating? They would certainly tell you no.

    Graphics is the most complex part of an operating system. Nobody gets it 100% right. :/
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      Originally posted by pixo View Post
      This was GT 730, the lowest end card of that generation, running on i7-4770.
      Not a chance that there was a CPU bottleneck.
      This was not like a shader was replaced, simply some buildings were not rendered fully.

      There is no reason for the game to have such optimization only for nvidia, when the graphic power is insufficient.
      The GT 730 is comparable to HD 6570.
      I cant rule out the difference of codepath for different cards but its not very probable for this scenario.
      There might be no apparent reason to have a different codepath for nvidia, but it can happen more than you would think. If there is a special code path for AMD, then Nvidia would be getting a different one. It makes determining who is responsible for what in a conclusive manner a headache. Anyway, it would be incredibly difficult to dig into it now to determine what the truth of the matter was. :/
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        Originally posted by humbug View Post
        ( ... )
        also new hardware and software development is happening continiously in parallel. Various different teams with different expertize working on both... You don't put one on hold for the other. Anyway the primary target when launching new hardware is windows users whewe AMD already has fantastic drivers, it doesn't make sense for them to hold up anything because x feature is not yet working in Linux.
        I agree, but AMD Linux Team seems to be small...
        And with lots of launches will come pressure to add support also for Linux...which in the end means less quality, and above all, the team need to manage the integration of all drivers in one, maintenance and so on..

        The next times would be demanding...if new hardware arrives, it would be even worst.


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          Originally posted by darkbasic View Post
          Interesting, so now the Vega 64 is between the 1070Ti and the 1080 (but more closer to the first one than the second one).
          I bought a 1070 for GPU passthrough & in Dying Light I preferred the colours from the RX 560 I use as the host GPU.

          After one month I sold the 1070 & now passthrough an RX 570 8GB (which is great at 1080p with a freesync monitor)