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Total War: Warhammer II AMD Radeon / NVIDIA GeForce Linux Gaming Benchmarks

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    Originally posted by ernstp View Post

    Vulkan driver version? Works fine on my Fury (same generation kinda.) with Ryzen 7...
    Whatever comes with latest from normal repoes. I keep up to date. The thing is I googled for "black screen after start" and it seems this time it's a cross-platform bug. Lots of windows people get it too, seems to be related to non-HDMI monitors and higher refresh rate monitors. I use standard 60hz but non HDMI.

    Given this it's possible it's simply a game bug. Well they lost my money either way, I'm not going to fiddle with monitor setup for one game.

    Version is Mesa: 18.2.4 (vulkan-radeon package specifically) just FYI
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