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Can World of Warcraft run on Linux$?

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  • Can World of Warcraft run on Linux$?

    I guess I should've asked this before blowing away my Windows install on my desktop, but I've been wanting to switch to Linux for a long time now, and, now, I run Linux Mint 19. I hate to have the paid account and not be able to play the game, so, if I can't, time to unsubscribe. So, can it be done? If so, how? Feedback greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, and have a good day
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    I've heard of other people playing Blizzard games on Linux using Wine. You'll probably want to update a few things. Here is a checklist:

    - Update your graphics drivers to the absolute latest (currently Mesa 18.3.0 if using AMD or nVidia's latest proprietary)
    - Uninstall wine if currently installed
    - Add the WineHQ package repos to apt's sources.list
    - Install the latest Wine from WineHQ (winehq-staging)
    - Fetch the latest winetricks and move it to /usr/bin so that it's available system wide
    - Ensure Vulkan is working on your system by installing vulkan-utils and running vulkan-smoketest
    - Set up a new 64-bit wine prefix (ie WINEARCH=win64 WINEPREFIX=/somewhere/for/the/prefix wine)
    - Use winetricks to install prereqs (probably dxvk, msxml3, msxml4, msxml6, vcrun2013, vcrun2015 as a starting point)
    - Try to launch Blizzard's storefront installer (something like WINEPREFIX=/that/one/from/before DXVK_HUD=1 wine /path/to/installer)
    - To launch the storefront in the future, launch the path relative to the virtual drive C: (something like WINEPREFIX=/that/one/from/before DXVK_HUD=1 wine start C:\Program Files\Whatever\Whatever.exe)

    Blizzard has said in the past that they do not consider using emulation to play their games on other platforms as a bannable offense, but do note that DXVK users have been caught up in (eventually reversed) ban waves before. It's shakier territory than normal.