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X3: Reunion delayed one week. Big Annoucement from LGP coming...

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  • X3: Reunion delayed one week. Big Annoucement from LGP coming...

    From the Linux Game Publishing Newsletter:

    "Although, X3: Reunion has been delayed by a week, we haven't been idle! New patches for the demo's of Knights and Merchants and Ballistics have just now been released. Patches for the full versions will be released over the next couple of weeks, along with a new major announcement. Stay tuned over the coming days for more news!"

    Any ideas on what the major announcement could be?

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    Turned out only to be news that Jets'n'Guns has gone gold. From the LGP newsletter:

    "While we wait until the end of the week for the final release of X3: Reunion, we have some more good news! Jets'n'Guns has gone Gold! This means we should, hopefully, have stock just before christmas. It is unlikely that anyone outside of Europe will receive copies of Jets before christmas, but it makes a great New Years gift!"


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      Jets isn't the big news they are speaking of. I don't know what the news is, but I do know that isn't the one (though I am happy to see Jets out!).


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        Now that I reread it, you are probably right. It seems this is just a different set of news that just so happened to occur when it did.

        So what could the Big announcement be then?

        - New MMO?
        - RTS ( Ok wishful thinking, but Linux is lacking a great RTS )

        Will it be a big name game, or some obscure niche game?


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          No idea, but I am glad they have some sort of big announcement, means we will get another game for Linux.

          Of course, I thought I was being rather funny when I jokingly said on IRC it would be Steam for Linux, brought to you by LGP.... though I highly doubt that!


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            Originally posted by KohlyKohl View Post
            So what could the Big announcement be then?
            Maybe they finished porting some old title?
            I hope it's something better, but I'm not holding my breath...


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              Maybe it's Sacred 2. Steam platform is too high profile port for this small company.


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                I'd say Sacred 2 won't be considered until after the first one is out & sells well enough. As for Steam, yeah, that wasn't a serious idea from me, I won't believe anything about Steam until I can actually install a native client & buy games.


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                  Just a little update, X3 is now shipping.


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                    so where is it?