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Steam Client For Linux Confirmed

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    so linux support is coming with steam 3. we just need to find out when steam 3 is going to be released...great news anyways


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      This made my saturday, havent beed this exited for a long time.

      Great news.


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        According to the Interwebs Steam 3 was released in 2005 and is what you use today as Steam Client.

        As people have mentioned so far lots of files seem to be the same with the dedicated server. Micheal have you compared the Linux files found in the demo to those in the L4D dedicated server? Are there any major differences?


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          What official confirmed this?


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            Hmmm, but for this to work, Linux GFX drivers need to really pick up. I wanna play some CS or something on my Intel X4500 lol.


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              I don't care so much for the Steam client itself but an implied port of the source engine. I already own Half-Life 1+2, HL? Ep1, Ep2 and Portal but I'd gladly pay for all these games all over again if I could play them through my true operating system.


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                Originally posted by Extreme Coder View Post
                Well, technically it can't end like UT3 since they haven't announced anything yet.
                Haha, ouch. Epic, stop being so fail.


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                  This is great news...

                  ... if this is confirmed to be confirmed by a real linux client in the future...


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                    k_EMsgClientRequestForgottenPasswordEmailResponse, k_EMsgClientGetLobbyMetadataResponse, k_EMsgClientPurchaseWithMachineID, k_EMsgClientGamesPlayed, k_EMsgAMSetCommunityState, SetOverlayNotificationPosition hates linux, Average %.2f fps, %.2f ms per frame, Steam_GSSendSteam3UserConnect, GetBillingAddress. These strings plus hundreds of other technically shouldn't be needed if this were simply for Linux server usage -- even though no Linux server binary ships with the Windows game on Steam.
                    How on Earth can this qualify as confirmed?

                    The Linux dedicated source server software used to, and probably still does let you specify and use a Steam account when launching dedicated games. IIRC, it also had a password recovery feature, but even if it didn't, it's likely just junk code.

                    Client-server interaction in a client-server environment. Not wholly unprecedented.

                    License acquisition for games that typically require paid licenses. This could just as well be there in the event that a future product would charge for hosting dedicated servers, or more innocently to issue generic dedicated server licenses for identification or compatibility purposes.


                    A community of what? A community can be a lot of different things. The source public server list allows for location specification. It could be a location community for all anyone knows, or again, it could just be junk code, or code not yet implemented.

                    SetOverlayNotificationPosition hates linux
                    This is the only string I can see as potentially having something to do with a general Linux client, but if that's all it takes to call this assumption "confirmed", then you guys really don't have the strictest of standards.

                    Average %.2f fps, %.2f ms per frame
                    A frame is not necessarily a picture. Since Half-Life 1, Half-Life dedicated servers have measured game world instances as frames, and FPS in a dedicated server context is the number of individual game world instances produced per second that the clients can fetch and update themselves with.

                    "Confirmed"? Seriously?


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                      An important note is that Linux dedicated servers are technically "clients" to the Steam service. You cannot run a Steam server, they are run solely by Valve. "Steam Client" doesn't mean what you think it does.