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Steam Client For Linux Confirmed

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  • there is no news because valve has never announced a steam port of linux. this was pure speculation.


    • We'll have to wait until Postal III for news.


      • and i doubt when postal 3 comes out that we will get any news other then "steam still not planned for linux"


        • Originally posted by AdrenalineJunky View Post
          and i doubt when postal 3 comes out that we will get any news other then "steam still not planned for linux"
          I doubt that when Postal3 comes out there will be anything todo with Steam for linux. It isn't need
          the Source engine does not rely on Steam, steam is just a digital distribution mechanism and it would make no sense for Valve to port Steam to Linux UNLESS they could put anything onto it (bar postal3 and maybe U3...)

          If however Postal3 goes well for linux (so plz linux user get it from somewhere to show you were after linux-native [ie wait till it is on sale and there is a linux client actually d/lable [or on disk] and from somewhere so yr sale counts as a linux sale as opose to a windows sale) then maybe with the SOURCE engine with linux runtimes we may get HL2 and CSS and then possibly the floodgates will open for other source-based games and thus STEAM and finally we may get other games

          but remember SOURCE != STEAM and thus Postal3 != STEAM for linux


          • I think a HL2 port coming because of Postal 3 is quite a stretch of the imagination. The best you could hope for is probably continued Linux support by Running With Scissors.

            Oh, and don't forget, supporting Postal 3 means supporting Uwe Boll


            • Sorry for replying to such an old post, but I've only just been reading about all this stuff.

              HL2 for Linux would be pure awesome, I'll just keep hoping. I can't say Postal really appeals to me that much but I'll probably still buy it to show my support.


              • yet again

                yet again:

                An Engine update has broken GMod ? so if you try to play right now it will crash on startup. These occasional breakages are the price we pay for being on the latest engine ? which is exactly where we want to be to stay up to date with it.

                It looks to be a simple interface update, so I?ll grab the latest code and update GMod with it today. This will also bring the L4D content update.

                ? 8:30: Woke Up, Breakfast, Computer, Emails
                ? 8:40: Diagnosed Error, Posted this post, Finished Emails
                ? 9:10: Shower
                ? 9:29: Driving to the office
                ? 9:57: In Office
                ? 10:12: Downloading the latest source. Taking a while.
                ? 10:29: Looks like quite a big update.. Dunno whether to be happy or sad.
                ? 10:32: Some stuff that will ROCK for GMod..
                ? 10:48: Committing Valve?s new code
                ? 11:30: Merging to GMod?s branch.. only 3 conflicts so far
                ? 11:32: 8ee2027983915ec78acc45027d874316
                ? 13:19: Merged ok, some stuff that will annoy me later. Committing then going to try to build. Gulp.
                ? 13:46: Compiled fine on Windows! Something looks different.
                ? 13:55: Downloading the code to Mac & Linux, and attempting compile
                ? 14:19: The Mac build appears to have completed successfully!


                • Originally posted by Licaon View Post


                  • I tend to bash Mike for his valve news but

                    "An Engine update has broken GMod ", that means the actual game, not the server, there is no mention of the server in that blog.

                    "And Linux has FINALLY compiled.. phew! Working on the depot to ship to Valve now!"
                    Read that carefully, servers for Linux would have already been out and compiled fine, he says "FINALLY" as if it's never been done aka the game engine itself.


                    • so christmas coming soon?