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20-Way NVIDIA/AMD Vulkan Linux Gaming Performance Comparison

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    Originally posted by Qaridarium
    I also recommend to end the closed source AMDGPU-PRO openGL in favor for MesaGL and porting the workstation features to MesaGL.
    It depends on how the compatibility profile work goes with the apps that matter today. If it turns out that we can run all the key workstation apps with a clean driver then that is a real option, but if we end up having to add a lot of non-standard behaviour (basically duplicating all the work we had to do in the closed source driver) that becomes unattractive real fast.

    I don't know how it will work out - what makes it worth looking at is a decade of us shipping a driver with a strict API checker:

    "Your driver is crap - my app won't run on it"
    "Your app doesn't follow the OpenGL spec"
    "But it works on <vendor>"
    "It violates the OpenGL spec, see right here ? How is the driver supposed to know your app wanted <vendor-specific behaviour> ?"
    "But it works on... ouch, OK yeah I see"

    If enough of those exchanges ended with the app being fixed eventually this can work, but if the end result in too many cases was us having to hack the driver to implement non-standard behaviour then it probably won't.

    The Mesa driver already has a few hacks to accept non-standard GL and I imagine a few more would be acceptable upstream, but some of the changes we had to make for workstation apps developed on other vendors hardware were not pretty - duplicating architectural bugs rather than just relaxing the API checker.

    The good news is that some of the broken apps that were must-have a decade ago have either fallen by the wayside or been updated.
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      Michael could you please include Raven Ridge GPUs in those benchmarks?