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One Year Later There's No UT3 Client For Linux

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  • Originally posted by superppl View Post
    Nope, i wasnt. This chaos mod seems interesting, ill give it a try.


    • Originally posted by superppl View Post
      You're joking right?
      Is it that surprising that people waiting for the Linux version haven't played the game much? I'm just saying...

      I used to dual boot Linux and Windows XP. Then one day XP just stopped working. I wanted to do something that day so I did it on Linux... I haven't used Windows at home since. Linux has aways booted for me. Sure X crapped a few times and wouldn't load but I recovered the system without reinstalling the whole OS and various software products. My Linux environment has never really suffered a catastrophic failure, ever.

      Still, sometimes I wonder why I put up with the noticeable render speed and quality hit I take running some games in Wine. When I could run them full speed on Windows XP. I almost reach for the Windows disk then pull my hand back. The truth is, although a few of my games would work better, I'm to lazy to run Windows just for them. The constant security hassles, the AV protection required, the re-install every six months, the instabilities and crashes. The constant mundane maintenance needed. Leaving your computer on 24/7 just to avoid the excessive boot time and swap fest.

      Instead I deal with a FPS drop for a handful of games. Some worse than others, some not all that terrible.

      Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to start a flame war with Windows or those who dual boot. You won't find me looking down on you for running Windows to play a few games or other software you like.

      It just occurred to me that you were duel booting. I almost wanted to find that Windows disk again to try out a few games. It was at that point that I realized how content and happy I was running a Linux OS. So in a weird kind of way your post sparked some kind of warm fuzzy and I generated a wall of text that really isn't relevant to the thread's discussion.

      That said, if and when UT3 does come out for Linux, maybe I will buy a copy after all (despite my previous stated hate over the MIA issue). When I heard the news that Prey had come to Linux I sure did scramble for the game's box and installation media. I dare Epic to make me don my winter apparel next February (if there's any truth in the date) and clamber off to the store. I'm happy with Linux damnit!
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