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Valve's Steam Link Is Now Available For Android

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  • Valve's Steam Link Is Now Available For Android

    Phoronix: Valve's Steam Link Is Now Available For Android

    The first of two new Steam Apps for mobile devices is now available...

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    If you are benchmarking how long it takes a brophen to install an app I think we are at 1.3 seconds


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      Good timing. I applied the Steam update last night at home and updated the firmware of my steam controller as a preparatory step.

      I think I have some experimenting to do tonight involving a 10.5" tablet, my couch, some headphones, GRID Autosport, and a now-bluetooth-enabled steam controller.

      The 5Ghz requirement might push me to finish configuring the dual-band AC router I acquired recently as well (to replace a ~7 year old dual-band N router). The new one has external antennas and hopefully enough 5Ghz range to hit the whole house.


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        Originally posted by Veerappan View Post
        The 5Ghz requirement
        I think it's not an requirement but a recommendation for optimal performance. It could be a requirement in practice, though.


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          Houuuuuuu... Android TV compatible... Do i need Steam Link HW anymore ? I Will test that soon !


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            Got quite fast responce from guy at after reporting my galaxy s5 had problems and picture seemd distorted with rainbow colors. Think they are working on this which is nice.


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              Working ok, at least on 5Ghz, they actually stream your whole desktop, switch virtual desktop and you're in your browser.

              Yes a controller is a must though.