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Favorite Open/Closed Source Games

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  • z1lt0id
    I know they aren't specifically Linux games. But I'm currently in marathon of all Mass Effect games, all running great under Linux through Wine. Up to the last game at the moment.

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  • firejing
    for me is Unreal Tournament

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  • rewind
    Some of my favorites:
    World Of Goo, mentioned not once in this thread
    Machinarium, maybe the most innovative point and click game I've ever played
    Trine, waiting for 2 now
    That was from Humble Bundles, from natives are
    Prey and a played a little BTRL
    From OSSes:
    SuperTuxKart - lots of fun with 2 players
    Nexuiz and more recently Xonotic

    Desperately need some new and interesting triple A game like Prey 2 or the mentioned not once before Rage
    Also waiting for some good racing game like this one:
    Hope it is still coming to Linux.

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  • curaga
    I have quite the opposite experience, while NetworkManager tries to keep things interesting by popping up final bosses when you least expect them, they up the difficulty curve greatly and also vary a lot by each other. While one of them may lose quickly to a rpg, another may be completely immune to that.

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  • Paul Frederick
    I stick with the classics

    xroach, xbill, and Quake 1 with the DarkPlaces engine. I also like KDE's Mahjongg, and gnomine too. I don't like gnome's mahjongg too much. The pieces all look too alike. One Linux game I found I didn't like recently was trying to get my Wi-Fi to work without network-manager. That was no fun at all!

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  • fuzz
    Hmm, kinda surprised no one mentioned Dwarf Fortress. Used to be closed-source and Windows-only, but is now partially open-source and runs on Linux as well (due to the nature of the game, a ton of Linux-users love it).

    The graphics aren't amazing, of course, but it's ironically one of the most cpu-intensive games I've played . In fact, I think if the game had amazing graphics the developer wouldn't have spent as much time on the awesomeness elsewhere. It can be difficult to play, though (and not due to graphics). Ever seen that nifty learning curve image?

    Challenge accepted, right?! Just a bit of warning, play this with plenty of spare time .

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  • NaNaNa
    *BAND. Any *BAND.

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  • dyrvere

    Open: 0 A.D, Wolfenstein and Urban Terror also some Sauerbraten, FreedroidRPG!
    Closed: Anything by Frictional Games, Project Zomboid, Doom 1 and 2 on Skulltag.
    Windows: S.T.A.L.K.E.R Series, System Shock Series, Metro 2033, Carmageddon and last but not least Co-op the Unreal campaing with the UT99 mod Infiltration 2.9 CE. There's nothing quite like it. Imagine a regular soldier-man with regular military arms against fast, vicious and agile Aliens in a strange new world!
    Last edited by dyrvere; 04-13-2012, 01:48 PM. Reason: forgot Freedroid

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  • DiaperJe|\|i3
    OS :
    Super Tux

    CS :
    Unreal Tournament Series
    Gothic Series
    Thief Series
    Deus Ex Series
    Half Life Series
    Diablo Series
    System Shock Series

    The best Linux games so far (IMHO) have been indie developers. No necessarily open source. Especially, if you are not into RTS.

    Eschalon Series
    World Of Goo

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  • MeduZa
    Originally posted by RealNC View Post
    open source games will never reach this level of quality (with actors and such being expensive and not... open source-able :P)

    never say never!
    also open source don't means free of charge!
    you can get funds for your open source project and pay real actors and release the game open source!

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