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    /me looks over to my collection...

    Quake 3, 4, Doom 3, NWN, UT2004 and Nexuiz.

    I'm desperatly needing some more native linux installable games...what other games can you install nativly? Anyone got a list?


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      TuxGames has a retail list @

      Also, another great open-source game is Warsow.
      Michael Larabel


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        Originally posted by Michael View Post
        Quake 1 and 3 were strangly absent...

        Does anyone know of a listing of all 'PC' games that have native linux installers either on the media or at least downloadable from somewhere? I'm sick of going to EB Games and seeing a wall of cool PC games but I have no idea what can be installed of not.

        I know the following has native linux installers (because I own them):

        Quake 1, 2, 3 and 4 (have to download off the net)
        Neverwinter Nights (
        Doom 3 (have to download off the net)
        UT2004 (installer is on the CD)

        Can anyone add to this?


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          Found a really good listing all native games - the list also includes free games but it's good enough for me to print out and take with me next time EB Games has a big sale on...

          Oh, it's aimed at Ubuntu, but shouldn't be a problem for other distros...


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            Great find with that list, very detailed.
            Michael Larabel


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              Originally posted by Andrew View Post
              Quake 1 and 3 were strangly absent...
              Thats because you missed Page 2, the link is at the bottom.


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                Here's a Wikipedia list of solely open-source games @
                Michael Larabel


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                  Another list @
                  Michael Larabel


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                    openttd, darkplaces, ksudoku (), qgo, kmquake2 - all opensource (except for game content in some cases).

                    also emulators: mostly atari800 and e-uae when some nostalgia catches up with me.


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                      Neverwinter nights 2, wait no native client.
                      Command and Conquer 3, wait no native client.
                      Looking forward to Crysis, wait no native client.
                      Call of duty 2, wait no native client.
                      Far Cry, no native client.
                      Battle for Middle Earth 2, no native client.
                      Battlefield 2, no native client.
                      Americas Army, no native client anymore.
                      Fear, no native client.
                      Painkiller, no native client.
                      Chronicles of Riddick, no native client
                      Aliens versus Predator 2, no native client
                      Empire Earth, no native client
                      Age of Empires 2, no native client....

                      etc etc etc... No native client, most have NO client...

                      I mean really when will Linux get some respect. I get tired of hearing excuses about companies not wanting to port to Linux or support it. Geez I was so excited when Loki came out. Remember them? Gone now....

                      So sad...
                      I Still Feel That The Key To Linux Gaining Popularity is Games (and of course ease of use for stupid people like me!)!!!