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    Originally posted by Irritant View Post
    Truer words never spoken.

    Why should I, as a maker of an FPS care what others are doing. I happen to think that RPG's are "fucking boring" but I don't go around preaching it, and I certainly don't belittle those that like RPG's or make them.
    and besides, alot of people do like FPS games.

    sure, it would be nice to have some more variety rather then just deathmatch OSS games, but i'm not gonna complain when people put alot of hard work into the games.

    personally, as far as oss games i would have to say sauerbraten is my favorite.

    as far as comercial i really like caster.


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      Originally posted by Zhick View Post
      /me agrees with melcar.
      And besides, nexuiz is fucking awesome
      Even brings some new things to the table I haven't seen in any other fps yet (grapling hook namely. hook + minsta = super fun ).
      Grappling hook => See Quake2 CTF.

      It's a rather simple situation with a huge problem... and the FPS FOSS games are part of that problem.

      FPS games have the majority of titles out there ( even though there are many other genres ). People get bored of the same FPS game over and over again. FOSS mostly churns out FPS games. So since FPS = boring and FOSS =mostly= FPS this equals to FOSS = boring.

      Now that's not going to improve the gaming situation on the Linux system at all. In contrary it makes it worse since people get the impression that FOSS games can only badly copy-cat the AAA titles. And it doesn't matter if you folks think that's not the case, it's important what all the others ( most of them not on this board ) do think not you.

      It's really annoying me how many in the FOSS domain have fucking ego thinking. Only "I" am important... only "my" opinion is important... skrew what "others" do say. Damn fuck it this is what leads to this mess we have at various places in the FOSS domain right now. The fucking strength of FOSS is "team play" but if people behave like fucking egoists then we are just nothing but an easy target to shoot down. I really wish more FOSS people would learn to think outside their own mind once for a while U.=.U


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        so your position is that people making FOSS games shouldn't be so "selfish" as to make the kind of games they want to play?

        i'm not disputing that it would improve the FOSS gaming scene if they did, but it strikes me as rather selfish to say that the people putting alot of work into FREE games should just forget what they want to make and do what everyone else wants.

        if you think someone should make a different kind of game, then why don't you do it?


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          FOSS doesn't grow by simply doing what everybody else did already. That's the idea of the entire thing. It's okay with me if somebody puts together some small game for the fun of it and some play together with it. It's though a bit annoying if people complain about the lack of Linux games... and then churn out FPS.

          And that last question I won't answer since google knows the answer.


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              A FOSS game developer is not going to make a game for you. Sorry, but not going to happen. He makes games that he likes and has the ability to code for and makes it available to people to enjoy.
              You want variety in FOSS games? Go find a FOSS game developer and start working on something. That or start up a gaming studio and get promotional contracts so you can start churning out games.


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                AdrenalineJunky has a clue... Melcar not...


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                  gotta say the drag[en]gine seems like a pretty sweet concept, and i'm definately interested to see how that and epsylon progress.

                  though i still say developers of free projects should be free to make what they want without being called selfish.


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                    diablo 2 everyone?
                    g' old game


                    • Originally posted by t.s. View Post
                      diablo 2 everyone?
                      g' old game
                      Yes, full of cheaters and not native :f