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Wine "PBA" Shows Potential For Improving Direct3D-Over-OpenGL Performance

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  • Wine "PBA" Shows Potential For Improving Direct3D-Over-OpenGL Performance

    Phoronix: Wine "PBA" Shows Potential For Improving Direct3D-Over-OpenGL Performance

    University student Andrew Comminos wasn't too familiar with Direct3D or Wine development, but out of a desire for better World of Warcraft performance on Linux, he figured out the code-base and a means of enhancing the WineD3D code...

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    this is big news, kudos to andrew for this work


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      This is funny. It's bringing back memories of a certain topic about Gallium Nine. Anyhow, this is very promising indeed. WoW's engine is very industry standard. I'd imagine any improvement in Wine that sees WoW perform better should actually also benefit a lot of other titles.


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        I would be interested in a performance video showing the difference between the Windows version and the Linux version with his upgrades.

        I'm glad to see cool things happening in wine, these last few years have been sweet.


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          Originally posted by phoronix View Post
          as well as more extensive testing of this heap alloator.


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            That sounds really nice... Let's hope he can get that code merged sometime in the near future.
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              This news on another website will have a more click bait title, like:
              University Student Enhance Linux Wine Performance up-to 60% on AAA Windows Game.



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                Really interesting work, can't wait to see more games tested using this.


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                  Do not assume here that the other WineD3D devs are bad programmers. They just have made the wrong decision to make WineD3D9 compatible with the equivalent OGL version which i think is OGL2 or hardly 3 and surely not 4.3-4.4. The correct thing is to keep the old compatibility and have an expansion 'speed' set only for those with newer GPUs.


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                    Originally posted by iyxwsoekthsv View Post
                    WoW's engine is very industry standard.
                    what games have licensed wow's engine?