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X3: Reunion Finally Goes Gold On Linux

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    Originally posted by MaestroMaus View Post
    I aint anti-drm, I am anti-stupid-drm
    SecuROM,StarForce... are stupid DRM, VALVE,StarDock DRM isn't I am just hoping LGP isn't stupid-drm simply because even though "linux" has made leaps and bounds to become user-friendly It still needs to bridge the "but I have a windows licence" and "it doesn't do anything different" (excuses I am seeing now after having a linux box at work for months for ppl to just use). THUS linux is still for the tech-saavy, the same kinda ppl that if push came to the shuv would know exactly where to go to bypass DRM. THUS LGP implementation of DRM damb well better not piss linux users off because if it does torrent sites will be flooded with hack methods very quickly

    anyway X3 gone gold \o/
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      Originally posted by MaestroMaus View Post
      Thanks, I'll look into it (I don't like making accounts, but it's for the good cause I guess).

      @NAIB & all other anti-DRM'ers
      We know your against it, we know all of those famous statements, we have had tons and tons of these kind of posts here over at Phoronix (and many have already read them as well on other places). Plz, don't start it all over here again, plz, plz, plz!

      X3 is the same in the controls department. It's a design-choice made by the developer. The Windows game works exactly the same.

      EDIT2: could be an alternative, but I see your point.
      Dont forget Good old Games.


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        Man, I just purchased Red Cliff and another RTK Movie and then I come on here and read this! I guess I'll have to wait a month or so to purchase this game now. Also, the controls are difficult, no doubt about that, but if you put a little effort into them they will become natural.


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          I can't believe it ;-)


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            Gold means its safe for me to give Tuxgames/LGP my money! I'm still waiting for LGPs other games to go gold and a website redesign.


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              Originally posted by niniendowarrior View Post
              I wonder if they should release some sort of demo. I tried X2 and I got completely overwhelmed by the controls.

              How about X3?
              The X3 controls can be completely reconfigured. (Plus, most non-flight options can be activated using the in-game menus.)
              Never the less, be advised that X3 is not an ordinary point-and-shoot space shooter. It has it's own economy; fleet management; battle groups; factories; complexes; automated agents; etc.

              While I do enjoy taking my M2 Titan group for a ride in a Xeon sector (I'm one of the lucky Beta testers who spent the last 5 months testing this game ), the empire building aspect of this game is far more interesting. (~900 million credits and counting)

              - Gilboa "To my beloved wife, I apologies for neglecting you in the past 5 months" Davara.
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                Will X3 have annoying DRM ?? Cause if it does, then its a no-sale from me.


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                  Originally posted by gilboa View Post
                  The X3 controls can be completely reconfigured. (Plus, most non-flight options can be activated using the in-game menus.)
                  gilboa, since you were on the betas, do you know if it's possible to increase the font size? The controls aren't really a problem in my case, if only one didn't have to squint at the screen when using a 1920x1200 on a 24'.

                  It's not any showstoper, my brother has the Windows version and after a while you learn the interface by heart and don't need to read, but IMHO bigger font size would make the game look far easier for newbies. The controls themselves aren't that bad, you just need the manual (I guess most people complaining on game forums didn't have a manual... or forgot they had one...)

                  Congrats to LGP and to the developers that ported this game!

                  For the DRM discussion: Michael has done a good job mentioning it (even if he didn't have too since he covered the subject already) and even links to the article (and then the forum thread where we can continue this discussion). It's a service for US users so we have all the information, I'm sure it's not an invite to spoil this thread with rehashed opinions. I'm in the same opinions as most are about this, but here isn't the place. It's not constructive here, it won't help anybody's agenda to waste this thread with it.

                  This Forum has an Edit function, so after you've pondered your (not completely out of topic, but disgraceful at this time) comment, you might be of the opinion that it's worth changing it. Please.


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                    Originally posted by xav1r View Post
                    Will X3 have annoying DRM ?? Cause if it does, then its a no-sale from me.

                    don't be that stubborn! not every DRM system have the same consequences!

                    DRM on music or on BluRay means that EVEN if you buy that media it's illegal to play it with every program you want (if the program is able to do so).

                    What means DRM on X3? Does the protection prevent installing or playing the game on any linux system? NO - it's annoying, but nothing more.

                    Everyone should see the very clear differences between the media tycoons in Hollywood or Japan, who always strangles the consumer and the guys on LGP who are NOT in the convenient position to control the market - they want to safe their business.

                    As long as the DRM of LGP will guarantee the viability of the company - AND doesn't restrict the product in any technical aspects - I'll accept it to prevent a second LOKI experience.


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                      Let's hope we'll get full reviews on Linux magazines & websites. This game deserves the best publicity people can give it, so it might be a good idea to contact the ones you're reading and tell them you'd consider the lack of any review as a big downfall on their part After all, it's "only" the best game on Linux (best gfx both technically and design, best play time with hundred of hours in perspective, best overall interest, best everything)!

                      Just opened a thread for Full Circle, we'll see how it goes if there's Ubuntu users that have been playing the beta maybe they could give a hand.
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