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AFS File-System Driver Overhauled For Linux 4.15

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  • AFS File-System Driver Overhauled For Linux 4.15

    Phoronix: AFS File-System Driver Overhauled For Linux 4.15

    Red Hat developers have been working on an overhaul of the AFS file-system's kernel driver for the just-opened Linux 4.15 kernel merge window...

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    That's a blast from the past. When I was a student at CMU I actually jumped through the flaming hoops that were required to get my Linux box talking to my AFS share on the University network (a whopping 10 MEGABytes, which was incredibly puny even at that time since AFS wasn't being very well maintained). That included plenty of weird kernel & userspace stuff plus making sure I was actually authenticating via Kerberos properly. This was around the time that the 2.6 Kernel was going mainstream, so it's been a while.

    AFS and its stillborn successor Coda have a bunch of crazy features that are pretty cool sounding, but the complexity to actually get the system working has meant that it has had very limited acceptance.


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      I'm curious if Red Hat's spiked interest in AFS has anything to do with their new Stratis stack.
      Does anyone have any insight?


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        The in Kernel AFS driver isn't that great it never has been as I understand it even with these changes it is missing alot of stuff that openafs supports much less auristor. is where it's at these days... Jeff Altman did a ton of work to make openafs modern, but no one wanted to pay him so he just forked it off as auristor I guess. He even had stuff like mobile support working so you could use it over wifi without issues unlike AFS. I met Jeff at UNC-Charlotte and was in some of the meetings with him and the IT department talking about the issues with openafs and kerberos a few years back. (as a student)