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BlueZ 5.47 Released, Working On Bluetooth 5.0 Support & More

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  • BlueZ 5.47 Released, Working On Bluetooth 5.0 Support & More

    Phoronix: BlueZ 5.47 Released, Working On Bluetooth 5.0 Support & More

    BlueZ 5.47 has been released as the latest user-space components to the Linux Bluetooth stack...

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    Super rare. I haven't found any usb dongle yet and I'm waiting for #bt5 the zigbee killer# devices such as lightbulbs, switches, etc.. which I should be controlling by own software without expensive gateways and closed source apps. And BlueZ was also lacking.. until now.


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      Blaah blaah, when those expensive brand believers will include support patches for the OEM PS3 game controller. Never, what idiots.
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        Bluetooth might be the most buggy part of the system, it doesn't recover after sleep, frequently fail to connect, can't be turned on if my laptop is not booted by restart, and sometimes just got disconnected for no reason...
        The only possible way to make it work again is rebooting the system.


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          The most important question is whether the issue CVE-2017-1000250 is fixed. According the BlueZ website it is.


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            I've not used bluetooth on my PCs much in the last 10 years, but I used it lots before then thanks to bluetooth keyboards and mice, which quickly became a pain when Bluez 4 came out

            I mostly use bluetooth on Android now with my bluetooth headphones, I've paired them to my laptop and I like that KDE can be configured to use them for certain apps automatically if they connect

            As for Bluetooth 5, most of the listed benefits are from it offloading the connection to Wifi