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Fedora's Yum Could Soon See Retirement

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    Originally posted by Michael_S View Post
    It's been a few years since I ran Fedora, but when I did dnf was rock solid. So I'm not surprised by this move.
    I'm surprised only by how long they're waiting. It was justifiable to have both yum and dnf side-by-side for one release - but that was F22, when dnf became the default. I really don't understand the reasoning for keeping them both - with their own package databases - for at least six releases. What's the reasoning for not dropping it back in F23?


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      Originally posted by GhostOfFunkS View Post
      Yeah, let's get angry about change management, contingency plans, QA and other engineering concepts. Let feelings guide us to fame and glory! /sarcasm
      He said getting angry about "some decisions", all those buzzwords are unrelated.


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        everybody has an opinion on this, but i dont think this is particularly noteworthy

        I understand that this is not my enterprise, and appreciate the opportunity to have my say but I feel that progress is natural, and maybe it is that I dont know who this will hurt, I just feel like we all know that some times some things got to go. I hope Im not being too blunt. Oh well. Hafa Adai.
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          One thing I think is uncontroversial:
          Are there anyone who prefers dnf over zypper?

          IIRC, the dnf developer said zypper lacked a python backend or api (or something) – not anything user visible.

          Anyway, you can use zypper on Fedora (not sure if the repos are compatible): I did that to chroot-install OpenSuse once.
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