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FFmpeg Has Seen Some AVX2 Optimizations For VP9 Decoding

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    Originally posted by aufkrawall View Post
    I think that would be possible if AMD wanted to.
    It is definitely possible, but I've already written my opinion about that. Btw., I thought we're talking about real time decoding during playback, not conversion. If there is no hardware support and we're talking about offline-conversion, I'd rather have an OpenCL de-/encoder than any hardware vendor to come up with an individual solution and implement it into various APIs (or not, which is actually where we're at).


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      Amd's AVX2 implementation is slower than Intel's on everything from Bulldozer derivatives to Zen derivatives (although zen2 or whatever it's called these days might get 256 but wide AVX2 execution units if the move to 7nm buys them enough transistors to play with) + they are also a GPU company. I assume their goal is to move video decoding to the gpu which will be both faster and more power efficient.

      Intel on the other hand is a CPU company first so.....